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Advancement : Enchantress

The Forest of Dolls.
It's the dark forest in Bronx, and it's known as one of the most dangerous areas in Pandemonium.

Unlike the fairly natural forests in Central Park, this one is created by magic, with trees that are more like deadly magic traps than benign vegetation.
The witches living in the center of this forest don't stop curious explorers from entering their forest. Instead, they watch as those uninvited guests drive themselves to ruin.

This forest is difficult to find, and the thick purple haze that rolls out of its entrance encroaches upon those who set foot in the forest.
The deeper they go, the more confused they become, and eventually they forget everything, including themselves. Even if they manage to escape, they would die from all the curses that they have drawn to themselves while in the forest.

Once, a group of oddballs visited this forest, wanting to see the rumored walking dolls and their witch guardians with their own eyes.
None of them survived or saw what they came for. Now their rueful spirits haunt the forest as one of many curses in there, blocking the path into the forbidden land.

Even innocent children are not safe from the terror of this forest, but a handful of people have managed to visit the black mansion in its center.
No one knows what it takes for one to be invited into that house. Rumor has it that one guest entered it as a dying man and came out as healthy as a newborn.

Is your life suffocating you like poison in the air? Then, go to the Forest of Dolls as your last resort.
Perhaps those capricious Enchantresses take a shine on you.​




Icon Skill Name Level Skill Description
Enchantress Plate Armor Mastery 15 Plate Armor increases the Enchantress's Intelligence, Vitality, Spirit, Max HP/MP, MP Recovery, Attack Speed, Focus: Magical Critical, and Casting Speed.
Keep Away! 5 Summons a hex doll that sticks to an enemy, Immobilizing it, and then explodes.
In case of Building/Grab-immune enemies, this doll instantly explodes without sticking to them first.
Rose Vines 10 Casts black magic on the ground, summoning thorny vines that move forward, attacking enemies in their path multiple times and causing them to Bleed.
Madd Mad Slash 15 Madd produces sharp claws and slashes at enemies in front twice.
Meticulous Stitching 15 Meticulously mends rips and tears in Happy.
Restores HP for all party members within range and removes Abnormal Status effects cast on them.
Press Jump to immediately cancel the skill.
Black Magic Broomstick 15 Changes your Basic attacks' Atk. to Magical Independent Atk., and enables you to use Broomsticks.
Broomsticks increase Casting Speed and Hit Rate.
Puppeteer 15 Enables the skills that utilize the rabbit doll, Happy, and the bear doll, Madd.
Increases your Intelligence.
Grants you immunity to Curse, and changes your attack attribute to Shadow.
Madd Straight 20 Madd shoots a knuckle connected to a puppet string. This knuckle generates a shock wave on contact with an enemy.
Favoritism 20

Increases your entire party's Max HP/MP, Physical/Magical Def., Vitality, and Spirit, and decreases incoming damage by 10%.    
You can select the direct target of this skill to give them additional special effects.

  • Favoritism Target Additional Effects
    - Forbidden Curse skill's buff effectiveness +20%
    - Incoming damage -15%
    - Hot Affection skill's buff effectiveness +20%
    - Meticulous Stitching skill's HP restoration +20%
    - First Aid of Love skill's HP restoration +20%
    - Their HP does not decrease because of the Forbidden Curse/Black Forest Brier skills.
    - An extra HP barrier when resurrected by the Eternal Possession skill
Wicked Curiosity 20 Increases the Enchantress's Skill Atk. and Focus: Magical Critical.
Harvest 25 Swings thorny vines like a whip, damaging enemies in front and creating 1 Hex Doll stack with MP absorbed from the enemies.
Doll Basket 25 Unlocks the Hex Doll skills.
The Hex Doll skills do not have cooldown, and require Hex Doll stacks for activation.
Hex Doll stacks can be replenished by the Harvest and Garden of Pain skills.
Hot Affection 25 Requires 1 Hex Doll stack.
Sets a fire under a hex doll, activating different effects for party members and enemies within range.
- Party Members: Their feet are set on fire, startling them and increasing their Attack/Movement/Casting Speeds.
- Enemies: Receive damage from the heat.
Madd the Guard 30 Madd follows the closest enemy to the Enchantress and forcefully strikes it downward.
This skill can be used, regardless of your casting status.
Forbidden Curse 30 Uses Happy as the medium and spreads cursed energy, increasing Physical/Magical/Independent Atk., Strength, Intelligence, and Hit Rate for party members within range.
After a while, this curse gradually decreases their HP, but not Favoritism's target's.
Jumping Bear Press 35 Madd leaps over to a place in front and generates a shock wave as it lands, launching enemies within range in the air with damage.
Use with the Forward key to leap farther.
Destiny Puppet 40 Requires 2 Hex Doll stacks.
Summons a hex doll and a zombie doll, creating different effects for party members and enemies within range.
- Summons a hex doll and a zombie doll, creating different effects for party members and enemies within range.
- Enemies: The zombie doll runs to an enemy, sticks itself to the enemy, and then explodes.
Bramble Prison 40 Uses black magic and turns a front area into a thicket of brambles that Holds enemies with damage.
First Aid of Love 40 Wraps Happy with bandages to help it heal.
Continuously restores HP for party members within range, and removes all Abnormal Status effects cast on them.
Press Jump to cancel the skill effect.
Big Madd 45 Magically enlarges Madd and enters the doll, wearing it like a power suit.
Bigger and more violent, Madd claws at enemies, concentrates its energy in both paws, and then strikes them downward.
You become Invincible during this skill, protected by the Madd suit.
Black Forest Brier 45 Requires 1 Hex Doll stack.
Sacrifices a magically charged hex doll and summons an impregnable house of briers.
You and your party members can enter this house by jumping, and leave it by jumping again.
While inside the house, party members become immune to external attack damage, but lose HP every time the house squirms.
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