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2nd Awakening: Grim Reaper

Fate crueller than Death

The unavoidable grasp of the reapers.
Shadow Dancer 2nd Awakening ‘Grim Reaper’


(Omitted)... They are more skilled than any assassin but their methods are often far too cruel.
Although they say it's only work, it makes one wonder if they are simply putting on a show.

No one can question effectiveness of their methods. In truth, the more violent the method, the more they are hired.
Many nobles are already in deep contact with them. They hire them in order to kill their enemies or to achieve certain goals.
It doesn’t matter how many stands in their way. No matter how skilled they are, they will be found dead covered in a pool of blood.

The situation has become far too dangerous. We have no way to defend ourselves from their daggers that strikes from the shadows. The only reason our kingdom is still intact is because they are satisfied with their current position.
But what if they forget who they are and turn on us? We have to avoid this at all cost.

If you are still hesitant, please remember the death of Dairserk.
He was a talented and famous magician. But what happened to him? He was murdered by those who once faithfully served him. Even Dairserk, who treated them fairly met a cruel death. Are you just going to look idly while they discover more of our secrets?

Send out a declaration to all of the Kingdoms and have all adventurers and armies capture them. We must completely get rid of them in order to avoid any further disaster.

However, we should only punish the Grim Reapers and not question the actions of their employers.
This is the only way to bring out the Grim Reapers who hides deep within the veil.... (Omitted)
- Excerpt from a unknown letter




New Skills

Icon Skill Name  Level  Skill Description
Veiled Attack 75 Successful Back attacks or attacking while stealthed temporarily increase Physical Weapon Attack Power.
Deadly Dance 75 Grabs an enemy and attacks his vital point quickly without unnecessary movement. This series of vital strikes, delivered with the least amount of effort, are not only efficient, but also a sight to behold.
Fatal Blitz 80 Quickly steps forward and attacks an enemy in front, all the while spinning furiously. If the attack hits the target from the front, then the Shadow Dancer delivers a slash using her turning force. If the attack hits the enemy from behind, the Shadow Dancer extracts his heart and squeezes it into pulp.


2nd Awakening Skill: Nova Remnant

Icon Skill Name  Level  Skill Description
Chain Reaction 85 An Active buff skill that uses a chain dagger.
While this buff is in effect, you can use the skill key to release the chain. The chain can be released in the middle of certain skills and while you are airborne. When the chain hits an enemy, you can enter a key to perform an action.  


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