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2nd Awakening: Alcyone

A piercing light
from the Darkness

Dominator of the Instant.  
Rogue  2nd  Awakening 'Alcyone!'


Like a dream, it is a sharp light that pierces through darkness.
The swift star that we wish to be.
From afar, it can instantly reach the most distant of places.
It lights up the sky and transcends perception.
The ruler of the moment that surpasses space.
The rogue obsession with speed is nothing new. Their swiftness is uncanny.
This is a result of combining a powerful spirit and a well-trained body. 
And those who can obtain this level will be praised as an, ‘Alcyone,’ like the shining star in the night sky.
To the rogues, Alcyone is a place they’ve never been to and a teacher they’ve never met.
It’s difficult for others to understand but they consider the teachings of the blue-white star as the one and only truth.
This is why rogues are never lost.
Because their star is always with them wherever they may go.
And one day, they too will eventually surpass their star.



New Skills

Icon Skill Name  Level  Skill Description
Hit Bleed 75 Salvages the extra energy that Hit End used to cost, and uses it to reinforce muscles and the nervous system for maximum Attack and Evasion Rate.
Exotic Rampant 75 Enables you to quickly slash down at a target in front.
Excel Links 80 Improves your Hit Point-gaining and spending ability and makes skills usable in the middle of each other.


2nd Awakening Skill: Nova Remnant

Icon Skill Name  Level  Skill Description
Nova Remnant 85 Enables you to transform into a ray of light to gather enemies in one spot, and then deliver a powerful downward strike.


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