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2nd Awakening: Shiranui

The Lonely
Beautiful Flower

Defender of the three Sacred Relics and
a master of the hellfire sword.
Kunoichi 2nd Awakening ‘Shiranui’


that arises from the land bring forth desolation
and disappear without a trace.
that blooms in  darkness, scorch the ignorant 
and burn the corrupt.

Be enlightened and incinerate our enemies
that we may be granted eternal life.

- From the song of Shiranui



New Skills

Icon Skill Name  Level  Skill Description
Radiant Mega Jade 75 Summons the summoning medium jades to improve her minions' characteristics and abilities.
Yata Mirror 75 It enhances the characteristics of the Clone skills and Kunoai skills.  
Yamata no Orochi 75 Summons Yamata no Orochi, a creature of the swamp that breathes dark flames and creates a Fire fog field.
Amaterasu 80 Summons Amaterasu, a creature of the sun that shoots dirigible light flares.


2nd Awakening Skill: Nova Remnant

Icon Skill Name  Level  Skill Description
Sword of Kusanagi 85 Summons the Sword of Kusanagi, the ancient weapon used for Fire Ninpo.


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