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2nd Awakening: Thanatos

I shall guide you
to the world of souls

Control the souls of the world
with extreme necromancy.
Rogue 2nd Awakening  'Thanatos'!


Those who wish to learn necromancy... I will start this letter by sneering at your ignorance and recklessness. 
No matter what you have on your shoulders, the choice you’ve made is wrong. 
It’s like destroying a pillar just to fix the roof. If you have any sanity left, stop this madness. 
And to those who still greedily seek a way to this.... Congratulations. You will not die in peace. 
All of you!
Do not awaken the soul that surpasses your own capability. 
Necromancy is a sorcery which materializes the remaining energy in the world. 
Some foolish people have included the incarnation of evil spirits as Necromancy, but how are you going to control a powerful soul which has a will of its own? 
Do not break the taboo with your foolishness. 
If you do not wish to be constrained and suffer until your existence becomes less than that of a speck of dust. 
If you do not wish to die before you are actually dead, you shall give up your ludicrous greed. 
If you run into someone lucky, come to me. I would like to see the face of the person who ignores this friendly advice. 
Well, that’s only if I am still sane by then. 
- Excerpt from a book left by the first Thanatos, Klorinde



New Skills

Icon Skill Name  Level  Skill Description
Unholy Mastery 75 Grants a buff which increases attack power when attacking with a Necromancer skill, Vallacre Normal Attack/skill.
Black Arachnea 75 Nicholas shoots a web of darkness, attacking and pulling an enemy toward him.
Executioner Slash 80 Vallacre swings an enlarged sword of punishment, inflicting lethal damage on an enemy in front.


2nd Awakening Skill: Nova Remnant

Icon Skill Name  Level  Skill Description
Vallacre Incarnation 85 Vallacre recovers his strength, enlarges himself, and eliminates enemies on the ground.


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