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1st Awakening: Infiltrator



I'm an organic mass of contradictions. I'm alive because of him, but it's also his fault that I'm dying.
These ironies in my life almost destroyed me once.
Even the way I breathed was his design. Realizing this
sent chills through my body encased in cold metal.


I shivered at the sudden sensation,
but even shivering was just an instinctive habit.
I couldn't actually feel anything through my heavy, rigid skin.
Everything that was me was suspended inside the cold metal. I was just a machine in motion.


But still, I dreamed.
I dreamed about the days that I'd risked my life dueling in the wilderness,
about the days that I'd been a carefree soul, never bothering with what others thought of me.
My dreams were so wonderful that I always woke up with a big smile on my face
and a heart full of romance. I thought I'd long forgotten, but that heart still existed inside me.
And it beat with force, demanding that I remembered again.


It pumped hot blood through my whole body,
even warming up my cold, lifeless metal frame.
Once again, I was free, alive, and more human than anyone else.
Thinking how amazing I was, I smiled once again.
Knowing the meaning of this smile, I let out a big hearty laugh.


One day, I'll let him hear my voice again.
I'll stand proud in front of him and yell in his stunned face.
"You were wrong. You didn't crush me."


Just like one of those storybook heroes who rise from the ashes.




Skill Introduction

Icon Skill Level Description
Retrofit 48

The Infiltrator has restored some of Gizel's technologies used on him, based on his past memories that he's retrieved. Now, he can charge and discharge Arc Energy, which enables him to carry out more dangerous and challenging missions.

Increases Physical Critical Chance and Atk. for Basic attacks, Dust Shot, and Advanced skills.

Arc Discharge 48

The Boost skills charge your body with Arc Energy on hit.

When you're fully charged, this skill is activated and you can use it to discharge Arc Energy and attack surrounding enemies.

Arc Energy can be discharged during most Advanced skills.

Boost: Death Field 50

Overloads his artificial heart to maximize his physical output and quickly moves forward, firing grenades and causing chain explosions.

Afterward, he moves about the battlefield, shooting at enemies, before causing an electrical explosion one last time.

Boost: Dynamite Kick 60 Releases the restrictions on his modified legs, momentarily concentrating strength to deliver a powerful kick that sends forth an electrical shock wave.
Fortress Blitz 70

Fires a signal flare and summons the reinforced riot shield, Fortress Blitz.

Fortress Blitz lands in front of the Infiltrator, pushing enemies away while firing a machine gun at them.

This riot shield generates a protective area, casting Super Armor and decreasing incoming damage within range for its duration.


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