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Neo: Blitz



"Geez, not just the newest weapons, but all the combat data that we've acquired from our enemies, too?
What are you doing? Are you trying to create a new battleship that's as powerful as the Erlox?"


"I'm going to need more powerful technologies."


On the other side of the screen, Melvin mumbled with his chin resting on one hand.
He looked bored as usual.


"You want help from the other five as well.
Don't you think this is a bit too excessive for your personal research project, kiddo?"


"This is not personal."


Melvin flatly spoke through the hologram.
Meryl had known him for a long time. She could see the flames of passion that were quietly burning in his eyes.


"...Is this because of Gizel?"


A heavy silence fell between the two.
Melvin avoided her eyes, looking up at the sky outside his window.
After a while, he turned toward the screen again, nodding, his face grim.


"This is a matter that we Seven Shards need to handle. We should take care of it ourselves."


Meryl looked into Melvin's eyes that calmly stared back at her. They reminded her of someone else's.
People who believed in something had a similar look in their eyes.
They held a clear objective and the determination to achieve it.


Finally, in resignation, Meryl spoke.


"I'll talk to Naen and Farrel. You'll have to talk to the others.
I don't have the energy to deal with youngsters nowadays."


"Fair enough. Thanks, Meryl."


After giving him a few personal pieces of advice, she was about to hang up
when she suddenly had a question.


"By the way... are you sure one man can handle all these incredible technologies?"


"He can, yes. And if he masters this gift we give him..."


Melvin's mouth stretched into a tight-lipped smile.


"He'll become fear itself to his enemies."




Skill Introduction

Icon Skill Level Description
Project: Novel Parts 95

The Neo: Blitz, having successfully upgraded his body and equipment with the Seven Shards' technology, became as powerful as a battleship.

Increases Atk. for Basic attacks, Dust Shot, and Advanced skills, and changes certain skills.

  • Boost: Suppress
    - Decreases cooldown by 1 second and makes you Invincible during the initial casting motion.
  • Triple Gunshot
    - Casts Super Armor, increases attack range, and Downs enemies with the finishing shot.
Boost: Sonic Collision 95 Requires an enemy within range for activation. Somersaults backward and, while in midair, fires the guided missile launcher on his machine arm at the strongest of all enemies within range. He then quickly charges at the enemy, subdues it, and detonates explosives, causing a powerful explosion.
Boost: Last Resort 100 Overloads his reinforced artificial heart to its limit and discharges EMP, Holding surrounding enemies as he rises into the air. He then fires missiles at the ground, concentrates his energy onto this machine arm, and launches super-thermal bombardment.


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