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Advancement: Blitz



The soldiers who are defeated by Gizel and his TMH unit of augmented men face two possible fates:
they may either die or become the mad scientist's test subjects.


The latter isn't any better than the former.
They only get to live for as long as Gizel is interested in them.


Eventually, he grows tired of them, or their own bodies fail, turning into a useless mass of junk and impotent technologies.
Then, they're left to die in a dilapidated lab in the Galaha Desert of the Western Lawless District.


Blitz fought back against his terrible fate until the end.


Using the abandoned components in the lab and TMH's technologies imprinted on his modified body, Blitz survived.
When he emerged from the other side of this hell, he's become an entirely different type of Gunner.


On the outside, he appears normal,
but he can penetrate enemy lines with lightning speed and subdue enemies with unrivaled strength.
He can also see through his enemies' weaknesses with just a glance.


But every time he moves, sparks fly with a metallic screeching noise,
constantly reminding him of Gizel's curse that's forever marked him.


He refuses to let it bring him down.
He laughs as if to shake it off and continues to pull the trigger at the obstacles in his way of revenge.


Just like he did in that lab where the sun doesn't shine.




Skill Introduction

Icon Skill Level Description
Blitz Light Armor Mastery 1 Light Armor increases Strength, Vitality, Spirit, Max HP/MP, MP Recovery, Hit Recovery, and Physical Critical Chance.
Alteration 1

Enables the Boost skills that utilize the Blitz's modified body.

The Boost skills can be canceled into each other and other Advanced skills during the post delay.

The other non-Boost Advanced skills can only be canceled by Boost skills during the post delay.
Your Basic attack changes to accommodate the modified auto gun. The Boost skills can be used during sliding attacks.

Increases Attack and Movement Speeds.

Auto Guns set their Physical Weapon Atk. and STR (bonuses by Reinforcement and Amplification included) to match their Magical Atk. and INT.

Having a partially mechanical body, the Blitz doesn't bleed and enters a self-destruction mode upon death.

Boost: Suppress 5 Releases the restrictions on his modified legs to quickly move a certain distance and attack enemies in his path.
Dust Shot 10 Changes to the Physical type for the Blitz and adapts to his modified auto gun.
Blitz Auto Gun Mastery 15 Auto Guns increase the Blitz's Physical Atk. and Hit Rate.
Aimed Shot 15 Attaches a rifle part to his modified auto gun and fires it like he would shoot a rifle at enemies in front.
Sensibility 20

Upon entering a dungeon, scans the area and detects the enemies' weaknesses.

Increases Physical Critical Chance and Atk. for Basic attacks, Dust Shot, and Advanced skills.

Burst Bomb 20

Attaches a grenade part to his modified auto gun and fires it as he would shoot a rocket launcher at enemies in front.

The fired grenade travels a certain distance and explodes, or explodes instantly upon contact with an enemy.

Bash Stock 20 Swings the stock of his gun, knocking enemies backward. The enemies are Held for a set amount of time.
Boost: Body Bunker 25

Slams a heavy riot shield onto the ground, knocking enemies backward with a shock wave.

This riot shield generates a protective area, casting Super Armor and decreasing incoming damage within range for its duration.

Activation 25

Activates his artificial art, reinforcing his modified body.

Increases Attack/Movement Speeds and Atk. for Basic attacks, Dust Shot, and Advanced skills when cast.

Modified Dust Shot 25 Improves Dust Shot by modifying the weapon he uses with the skill.
Triple Gunshot 30 Attaches a shotgun part to his modified auto gun and fires it as he would shoot a shotgun 3 times in a row.
Neodymium Fuse 30 Throws a bomb made with a powerful neodymium magnet, which pulls enemies along the y axis, and then explodes.
Boost: Breach Down 35 Activated when he attacks enemies. Follows the strongest enemy within range, shoulders it, and then fires the gun attached to his machine arm.
Macpiece 35 Kicks a Macpiece bomb, causing chain AoE explosions in the front area.
Scorched-Earth Policy 40 Jumps where he stands and fires a grenade launcher at the ground. He then spins, tossing multiple grenades at enemies around him, before he lands. Press the Forward key to jump forward as you fire the grenade launcher.
Direct Feedback 45 Activates his modified eyes to scan the area in front of him and fires at the detected enemies.


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