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2nd Awakening: Armada



"How are you even still alive?"


Melvin said for the first time since he started examining the man.
The man reflexively flinched as a jolt of electricity shot down his spine.
He fumbled at his neck, feeling the thick cable connected to him, and followed it with his gaze.
A big machine stood on the other end of the cable, humming loudly.
Numerous cables stretched out of it and sprawled everywhere.
He didn't know what exactly this machine was.
He just assumed it was what would keep him alive while he was put under.


"He just crammed all kinds of experimental features in you in the most careless way possible.
He did put a lot of effort to maximize your fighting capabilities, though."


Melvin quickly leafed through his chart and slammed its cover back on, looking back at him.
He was looking at the machine. Melvin snapped his fingers, bringing his attention to him.
When the man's head finally turned toward him, Melvin irritably scratched his head with his pen.


"He clearly treated you more like some overclocked machine than a human."


Melvin carelessly threw the man's chart and his pen onto his lab desk and walked toward the control panel.


"I'll have you know that I'm not a scientist like Gizel who's obsessed with human experimentation.
Well, fine, I did make something close to an artificial human, but...
Anyway, I'm only going to optimize and supplement your data. Nothing else."


Melvin pressed something, and the entire lab shook with a loud booming noise.


"Doing this feels like working with Gizel, and I don't like that. But it's part of our responsibility as the Seven Shards.
There's also the matter of public opinion if we just ignore you."


The man felt his eyelids grow heavy.


"Now, let's get started. It'll be over before you know it."


Melvin's voice faded as if it were moving into the distance.


"Gizel made a machine man... I'll turn him into a machine god."




Skill Introduction

Icon Skill Level Description
Physical Reconstruction 75

Increases Atk. for Basic attacks, Dust Shot, and Advanced skills, and changes certain skills.

  • Boost: Suppress
    - It can now be used when you're attacked on the ground.
  • Boost: Body Bunker
    - Improves the shield's durability and enlarges it. Also, increases its duration and damage reduction.
AT-SO Walker 75

Fires a signal flare and summons an AT-SO Walker.

AT-SO Walker follows around the Armada, automatically firing at surrounding enemies, until it's destroyed and disappears.

While AT-SO Walker is summoned, press the skill key again to ride it. While riding it, you can use Basic attacks and certain skills and decrease the used skills' cooldown.

Stop Walker Attack 75 Stops AT-SO Walker from firing automatically.
Raytheon Crete 80 Using the specially modified firearm, Raytheon Crete, causes a powerful explosion in front.
Boost: Equalis-MR 85 Summons the special add-on equipment, Equalis-MR, and combines it with his weapon, bombing the area in front.


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