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2nd Awakening: Blade Dancer

Teaser Page

I shall cut the path
to my own destiny

Vagabond 2nd Awakening 'Blade Dancer'


Who can comprehend the weight that this blade carries. 
They only praise it's greatness for it’s beauty
Nobody understands the sacrifice it took to earn it.


I can hear their constant praises.
The endless cheers and well wishes.
Songs and tales that carries my name.


I tire of this endless meaningless charade.


I will no longer hide or run away from the truth.
I will not shy away from the dangers that I will face.
I will show them that I'm no mere tool for their fancy.


I will end it all. I shall no longer live to be ordered around like a dog.
My life is my own and my destiny is what I choose to be.
May those in resentment gain hope. I will now fight for you.
I shall become the symbol of the oppressed.
I will aim vigorously for the freedom and liberty of all.


It matters not, if the journey that I will take is long and a lonely one. As long as there is meaning to it.


This is the burden that I'm willing to carry. Let the name "Blade Dancer" have purpose,
and be remembered for all eternity.




New Skills

Icon Skill Name  Level  Skill Description
Zenith 75 Increases Atk. of all Blade Dancing skills.
Lotus Dance 75 Slashes enemies in front with 4-step fancy blade art, then returns back to the original position. After a number of consecutive blows, final rotating slash immobilizes the enemy heavily.
Pressing arrow key forward disables the return move.
Can be used in mid-air. Finish Atk. is increased in mid-air.
Lotus Flash 80 Attacks enemies in front with lightning speed slash move, then walks back to original position. Slashed enemies are taunted for a set period, then takes damage after a moment later.


2nd Awakening - Moonlight Dance

Icon Skill Name  Level  Skill Description
Moonlight Dance 85 Draws a Moonlight Sword and drive it onto the ground. Blade Dancer performs a series of fancy combination moves then lifts all enemies to the air. Blade Dancer leaps along with lifted enemies and strikes with Moonlit blade.


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