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2nd Awakening: Majesty

Teaser Page

My sword shall be
praised as the greatest
in all heavens

Sword master 2nd Awakening "Majesty"

The winter winds eats away at the broken heart and 
the faint light from the stars illuminate my blades.
The sun may set and the light may fade,
but I shall rise again with my star-imbued sword raised high towards the sky.」


This is the short song that the Noblesse sang while being tortured in jail at the hands of the Empire. It is said the song represents their vow of vengeance against their enemies and their undying resolve in the face of defeat. Even with the Empire's harshest torture, the Noblesse never broke down. The Empire was intimidated by the Noblesse iron will and was desperate to find out the person who inspired the resistance against them. With great effort, the Empire was able to figure out the name which the Noblesse calls their leader by, the Majesty.


Through various sources, they found out that this figure has mastered the Imperial Swordsmanship and is in possession of the legendary, magical weapon, the Ultimate Sword.


The Empire concluded that the name "Majesty" itself is a threat to the Empire and could potentially cause a revolution beyond the Noblesse. The Empire immediately declared the Majesty a traitor and an enemy of the Empire. The search and punishment for any sympathizers of the Majesty and the Noblesse has become more severe but the Empire's actions only proved that their campaign against the rebellion hasn't been easy.

As time flows, new verses were added to the song. The Empire knew that this would never end unless they put a stop to the Majesty. The authorities have taken this as a great insult and a slap in the face. This is the new verses that were added to the song:


「Brothers and Sisters who have left us early, do not cry.
You are the true heirs and the ones who deserve true revenge. 
I here, have arisen again.
My azure blade will pierce through the enemies heart.
This I swear to you.」


The Majesty waits, singing her tantalizing melody, as the Noblesse fall to the Empire's hand. Whether Majesty will be remembered as a traitor or a great revolutionary, no one really knows. However, she has already made a mark in history.


People that fought against the De Los Empire by Adventurer Caracas




New Skills

Icon Skill Name  Level  Skill Description
Ancient Pledge 75 Enlightened blade wielder understands the true nature of all weapons. Increases Physical Atk. and Defense-Piercing Physical Atk. of weapons. Effects vary on weapon sub category.
Unleash 75 Unleashes an elemental sword that emits powerful elemental storm, delivering multi-hit physical damage and then causes high velocity explosion. Release timing can be adjusted with holding the hot key. Activation of Elemental Shift is required
Blade Waltz 80 Summons a magical field where ancient magic swords are sealed in, then rapidly slashes enemy within the area. Press the skill hotkey repeatedly to speed up. Upon cancellation with Blade Dance, the magic swords explode at once.  


2nd Awakening Skill - Ultimate Sword: Laevateinn

Icon Skill Name  Level  Skill Description
Ultimate Sword: Laevateinn 85 Fuses 4 elemental swords to create the ultimate sword, then performs a powerful slashing move that shakes the dimensions. While the dimension shakes, all enemies in visible area are immobilized.


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