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2nd Awakening: Deicide

Teaser Page

Not even gods
can stop me

Demon Slayer 2nd Awakening "Deicide"

The body and the mind are one, so they say. But without a body,
even the greatest soul can be lost and corrupted.

Daimus wandered for ages after his defeat at the hands of the Conqueror Kasijas.

Wandering and wandering, Daimus' soul slowly became tainted
like the demons trapped inside Phnom.

He was once a prideful man, graciously accepting his defeat
against Kasijas and honoring the fact that he has fought an Apostle.

However, he is now nothing but a greedy demon with a bloody thirst for vengeance.
It might be the fact that he has been corrupted by the demons, but to see a man let go of all his principles during his lifetime reminds me of these three words "Life is meaningless"


Daimus suddenly came up to me and gave me a deal that would forever change me.
"If you wish to keep walking the road of bloodbath... I can make your strengths even greater..." said Daimus


"What do you mean?" 


"I expected you to be just another soul to be absorbed into Phnom... However I was mistaken... It seems like things are going to become much more fun with you around, so I shall make you stronger than before..." replied Daimus.


His low echoing voice would bring chills down anyone’s spine. However, I was on the verge of laughing. Not because I thought it was funny but because it irritates me to no end.


"Fun you say? Stronger than before...?" I replied back in a condescending voice.  "For a ball of useless energy, you sure have the nerve to mock me"


Threatened, the demons inside Daimus came to his aid, growling and cursing at me. They can't keep quiet even when they are dead. I guess the saying that the weak are usually the loudest is true with these losers.


"I don't know how strong you are but do try your absolute best, Daimus because I am especially harsh on others. So don't go slacking on me now or I will be punishing you extra hard." 


Funny... for a mere Human. Replied Daimus mockingly.


"You do know, that every bastard that has said to me have ended up meeting their ultimate demise.


The growling of the demons became even louder. I wonder if giving them a good slice would shut them up. I was contemplating on it when Damius decided to open his mouth again.


In the right hands... this power can even reach the gods...


I sighed deeply.


"Not enough. You can't even compare it to a grain of sand. Reach the gods? What I want is to bring them down!


Daimus did not answer.
However I knew that his thoughts were conflicted because he was mad at me for being cocky and yet satisfied at my answer at the same time.
Would he become enraged and try to kill me or spare me? I guess he hasn't decided yet. He is definitely hesitating.
Of course, it vexes me that he gets to decide my fate in some way but his powers could prove to be useful.


"Enough of this, If you are scared to face the gods how about you end your afterlife as well?
Talkative companions aren't my thing, and weaklings disgust me even more.
If you aren't ready just go away already."


"Foolish and cocky... that's all I can say... Alright. Let's see how far you can go... But remember, I will be the one taking your life if you can't kill the gods ..."


I see dust rising ahead. I see quite a lot of enemies coming my way. I got up, shook the dust off my body and drew my sword. This sword has slain a countless number of my enemies. It holds a curse greater than the resentment of the fallen. This curse will be the end of me someday. It feels like a blade is always at my back even when I am resting, but without something like this, my life would be way too boring.


"Alright. Let's go and see how useful this power of yours is.  If you disappoint me you are going straight to the monastery and I'll have you exorcised. So do try your best, Daimus" I said with an evil smile.




New Skills

Icon Skill Name  Level  Skill Description
Majin Blades 75 Empowers Soaring Blade skills with power of Majin.
  • Draw: Increases Attack Range and speed of initiative strike.
  • Thrash: Increases Atk. Can be cancelled to use other skills or vice versa. Soaring Blades - Impale, Inhumane Doctrine: Extremity, and Giga slash are not cancellable.
  • Blade Retraction: Increases Atk. and Attack Range.
  • Wild Thrash/Bleeding Blades: Increases Attack Counts with additional wind shear effect.
  • Impale: Attaches a demon illusion that deals damage continuously, then explodes.
  • Sword Demon Strike: Increases Attack Count and finish attack's Atk. Daimus.
  • 2nd Awakening Skills: Increases Atk.
Gloom Strike: Giga Slash 75 Leaps forward, then transforms Phnom to a great sword, stomp the ground in front and creates a shockwave. Enemies in the area are being pulled into the center of shockwave. Leap distance can be adjusted with arrow keys.
Inhumane Doctrine: Extremity 80 Skewers enemies in front with sharp blades of Kelkus, then smashes them on the ground. Direction of attack can be adjusted with left/right arrow key.


2nd Awakening Skill - Transgression Sword: Ragnarok


Icon Skill Name  Level  Skill Description
Transgression Sword: Ragnarok 85 Jumps into the air and unites with Daimus. With the power of unison, transforms Phnom to the maximum stance, then tears the ground apart with it.\nAt the last moment, transforms Phnom to a gigantic sword then smashes the ground to deliver final attack, immobilizing the enemies for a short duration.


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