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2nd Awakening: Nemesis

Teaser Page

All in the name of Usir!

Dark Templar 2nd Awakening "Nemesis"

Brothers and sisters, rise up. The time for revenge has come.


For eternity we have lived hiding under the shadows,
but the Angel of Death has finally shown itself upon us.    

The angel said, "Be brave, charge in and slaughter your enemies.
Follow Usir's teachings and change this meaningless world to something meaningful."
Open your eyes, raise your heads and draw your swords up high.
Look at the filthy world that lives not by the teachings of Usir.


Behold the misery and sorrow of the insolent fools that dared to call us heretics.  
They have corrupted the innocent and plundered the land.
Punish the ones that bring chaos to the world.
Slash them and slay them, so we may create a utopian future.


The sick, the poor, the lost, the oppressed, everyone rise up. 
Your time of seclusion from the world has ended. This is our world now. 
Infidels beware! We the Nemesis will judge your fate!


An inflammatory statement posted across Arad by the followers of Usir on the day of the solar eclipse.




New Skills

Deus-Ex Ray

Icon Skill Name  Level  Skill Description
Vespers 75 Empowers skills with dark prayer.

[Applicable Skills for Atk. Bonus]
Shadow Lancer, Shadow Binding, Soul Drain, Shadow Puppet, Scaffold, Shadow Harvest, Black Mirror, Deadly Cape, Doomsday, Starfall, Destroyer, Deus-Ex Ray, Judgment, Punishment

[Skill Enhancement]
  • Immolation: Increases min/max duration and decreases multi-hit interval.
  • Shadow Puppet:Removes shadow illusions and increases Atk.
  • Liberate - Madness: Decreases number of souls required.
Deus-Ex Ray 75 A devastating ray of darkness that destroys everything in its path. Generates and focuses wrath of Usir at the tip of the blade, and fires it forward.
Drains occupied souls to boost its Atk. Number of drained souls vary on charge time.
Judgment 80 Summons the sword of Usir to strike enemies.
Drains occupied souls to boost its Atk. Number of drained souls vary on charge time.
Move the cursor arround to aim with arrow keys. 


2nd Awakening Skill -  Punishment

Icon Skill Name  Level  Skill Description
Punishment 85 Undying faith that avenges all heathens. Summons a pentacle to trap all enemies within effective area, then transforms into a Dark Knight to deliver multiple attacks.
Drains occupied souls to boost its Atk. Number of drained souls vary on charge time. 


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