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2nd Awakening:


What does the wind mean to us?


Most people think the wind is cooling
and that sometimes it heralds a storm.
To the ancients of Pandemonium,
the wind was an important phenomenon that decided their destiny.


The Swift Masters of Stormy Heights, where a wind blew at all times,
believed that the direction of wind decided the destiny of those
who were born during the wind. 
This belief inspired the story, "Wind of Destiny," that 
the Swift Masters tell their children.


"Those who were born during westerly winds live frugally and enemy-free. 
Those who were born during southerly winds are vain and popular.
Northerly winds give birth to talented warriors while easterly winds grant wealth and fame.
Those who are born during the calm are Aioloses, the gods of wind."


People outside their community think this is just a fairy tale.
It's always windy in Stormy Heights, anyway.


New Skills


Skill Name


Skill Description

Second Wind


Attacks inflict additional damage.

Spiral Press


Shoots the concentrated power of a storm and detonates it by using the centrifugal force.
If the storm does not touch an enemy, then the Aiolos does not charge and the storm explodes immediately.

Violent Storm


Becomes a storm and pulverizes enemies in a selected location.
Select a location, and your Aiolos becomes a storm, attacking enemies in the location multiple times, and then causes an explosion, inflicting great damage. 
Only a front area can be selected for this skill. 
Can be used in midair.

2nd Awakening Skill


Skill Name


Skill Description

Stormy Eliminator


Employs the great power of storm to move all over the place, eliminating enemies.
The enemies are completely subdued, and the strongest of them all receives the final blow.
Can be used in midair.

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