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2nd Awakening:


You can call me stupid.
You can tell me I'm being stupid and stubborn.


I don't care, even if you call me a bone-headed coward.
Just watching you live in content,
grateful that you're alive for one more day,
is good enough for me.


And that's why I can't accept this ugly, distorted reality.
Some mad entities, whose names I don't dare speak, 
are toying with us,
ignoring our right to live in peace.
They’re trying to put an end to everything we love,
and yet you're none the wiser.


I have no choice but to walk my path,
wherever it leads—the bottom of hell
or a broken sky in another dimension.
I just have to walk, walk,
in between the precarious reality and the distorted truth,


until the Day of Ascent.


- Last journal entry by Dimensional Science Professor Ravin Shrews


New Skills


Skill Name


Skill Description



A mystical gem from Nyarly that possess various abilities.

  • Generates a set amount of Dimension Stones in the beginning of dungeons.
  • Increases skill Atk. in proportion to the number of waves by Distort Destiny.
  • Adds the following effect to Crawling Mist.
    a) Deletes Recoil and HP reduction.
    b) Enables to release and retrieve Crawling Mist except when jumping or attacked.
    c) Increases Crawling Mist's Movement Speed and enemy detection range.
  • Increases Nyarly's Max HP.
  • Increases Nyarly's Level.
  • Adds an Attack Speed boost to Nyarly's Heart buff.
  • Adds the following effect to Tea Time.
    a) Removes Abnormal Status effects on Nyarly.
    b) Immunizes Nyarly against the Abnormal Status effects during Tea Time.

Dimension: Singularity Manipulation


Generates a special point, pulling surrounding enemies, and then throws them into a hollow created in the air.
If all the enemies in the special point's range are immune to Grab, the Dimension Force is pinned to the point and Dimension Crystals are created to attack enemies within the range.
Beyond This Realm, instead of grabbing enemies, generates multiple Dimension Crystals, attacking enemies in a broad area.

Divergence: Lullaby from Beyond


Nyarly summons an otherworldly entity in front of the Dimension Walker. The otherworldly entity screams, attacking enemies with the sound, before it disappears.
If there is an enemy affected by Crawling Mist, the enemy is used as a catalyst.
In this case, the screaming Atk. weakens, but the catalyst enemy receives great damage.

2nd Awakening Skill


Skill Name


Skill Description

Dimensional Divergence: Forbidden Banquet


A co-op skill for Dimension Walkers and Nyarly.
Nyarly transforms into an ominous muddy mist and covers the ground while the Dimension Walker opens a massive dimensional gateway in the sky, shooting at enemies.
Once the shooting begins, the Dimension Walker can move freely. 
Beyond This Realm deletes the enemy-pulling step and the Dimension Walker's freedom of movement, but lets Nyarly operate the dimensional gateway and maximizes the shooting Atk.

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