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Vampire Lord

2nd Awakening:


He who reaches the source of the world through Sanguinem
shall be worshiped by every creature.


I was once so weak.
I desperately tried all I could to escape the clutches of Death.
Then one day, a red light descended onto me. 
It was so powerful that it burned Death on my heels, 
and burned my frail shell in the process.
Did it kill me?
No—it reached everywhere in my body, driving away weakness,
replacing it with a power that transcended life and death!
The red light! It was Sanguinem, the fountain of life, the key to the source of everything in this world!


And today, with the power of Sanguinem in me, I've finally arrived here.
Time, pain, ignorant creatures, and everything else that once blocked my path
are no more—finally, I'm at the Gate of the Source!


Once I cross this gate, I'll be so much more than just alive.
The true power of life will unfold itself before my eyes, teaching me its real meaning.
Once I master everything it can teach me, I'll be reborn as the truth!
I'll be the life, the power, and the source of everything!
And I'll introduce the ignorant creatures in this world to a new way of life.
Kneel! Offer your life, your blood, to your new lord!


New Skills


Skill Name


Skill Description

Sanguis Verus


The Vampire Lord has learned the true meaning of blood and become more deadly.

Phantom Veil


Shapes Sanguinem and a swarm of bats into a giant dog, gnashing its teeth at enemies.



A Sanguinem twister pulls enemies, drills Sanguinem wedges into the enemies, momentarily Stunning them, and then retracts the wedges, extracting vital force with them.

2nd Awakening Skill


Skill Name


Skill Description

Blood Stream


The Vampire Lord unleashes his power and creates a spiraling current of Sanguinem that attacks enemies and absorbs Sanguinem.

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