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2nd Awakening: Godfather

The sun is setting already.
This is the best time to have a conversation.
There's nothing like that dusky light that calms our minds, which have been stained with blood and the smell of gunpowder.
So you can put down your gun, young man.
You shouldn't test my patience.

You don't look like you understand why this is happening to you.
Well, you're young. You have a good foundation as a fighter. And you're pretty creative with your skills, too.
But you don't have presence. And people who don't have presence don't go a long way.
I say you could go... as far as Charger Captain.
But Charger Captain is just a title. Truth is, they're no better than cannon fodder.
Of course, I don't disagree that the greatest Hitmen were Charger Captains at one time or another.
In fact, I started off as a Charger myself.

Oh, you're a Boss now.
I'm sorry I didn't recognize you. In my time, becoming Boss at such a young age was unimaginable.
The Company has changed a lot, hasn't it?
I'm not surprised. It's learned its lesson the hardest possible way through that incident.
That's why it's called old coots like me back to create the Wings.

What's the Wings? Ah, it's a form of elder abuse or forced late retirement, if you will. Don't worry about it.
If you grow strong enough to become a legend,

perhaps you can reach the Dusk Wings.





Icon Skill Name Level Skill Description
BC Training 75 Hones his battle-commanding skills, significantly improving his combat power.
Increases Basic/Skill Atk., and adds skills that can be canceled during their post-casting delay.
- Caracole and Point Blank
- The skills added by BC Training can be canceled after casting to give way to other skills, regardless of their type.
Tactical Offense 75 Throws a Specter 5 magazine a certain distance in front and moves to it while shooting.
Enemies hit by these moving shots are moved slightly backward.
The Godfather picks up the magazine and reloads his gun and shoots on the same spot. Press the Back key before the reloading phase to shoot at the enemies behind you.
Shattering Strike 80 Quickly delivers triple slashes.
Enemies hit by this skill are temporarily Immobilized.
Dusk Wings 85 Moves, slashing and shooting at enemies. He then stands in the middle of the battlefield and calls the members of the Dusk Wings, Brand and Bill, and together with them, showers surrounding enemies with bullets.
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