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Awakening: Big Boss

He was the greatest leader in the Hitmen's history.

A legend known for his unprecedented fighting skills and great leadership, he distinguished himself in small and big battles before he left the organization, leaving his men to enjoy all the glory.
The Hitmen who were under his command called him the Big Boss. After he left, they declared his position would be permanently left unfilled, while hoping that someone like him would show up and lead them.
When the main agent that we sent out on an important mission didn't return, we knew he failed and followed his movements.
They led us to the traces of a battle and his lifeless body, just as we expected. Whoever his enemies were, their fighting style was a lot like ours. Who are these mysterious enemies?

We continued to follow the dead agent's movements, searching for these enemies.
The dead agent was good at his job: he left a secret message wherever he went. Some of his messages were damaged, but the most important clue to our question wasn't.

Special information: We discovered a group of unknown Hitmen had been following him. We subdued one of them and found out that the following orders were given to them.
"Erase all the traces of Faberik, and kill him on sight."

Having obtained this surprising information, I gathered the leaders of the Hitmen to discuss the issue.

"I explained what happened when I called you. It seems something serious that we don't know about is going on. Everyone, please take a look at this document."

"Mm... Julius, you know we all trust you, but we can't believe this. We're your comrades and your family; we went to hell and came back together. There's no way one of us would do this."

"I can't believe it, either. But one of us killed that agent because he knew too much. And what's important is that something we don't know about is going on in our midst, and the perpetrators don't want Faberik back. They want him dead.."

"We agree."

"So, while looking for Faberik, now we also must identify these perpetrators. I suggest that we elect a more independent authority. We've left this position empty because we couldn't find anyone as good as the original, but I think only the power the Big Boss has can resolve this situation. What do you think?"

"The Big Boss... That position has enough power to resolve this situation, definitely. But as you know, none of us is good enough for the position. Even if one of us takes that spot, the others won't accept him easily."

"I know. It'll be tough, but the Big Boss is the only solution we have. It doesn't matter how long it takes. The one who becomes Big Boss must try until every one of our members acknowledges him."

"Then, Julius, it has to be you. In fact, before we responded to your summoning, we've decided that whatever you do, if we think it's the right thing to do, we'll support you. And you know you're the most admired among us. If you're not good enough to become the Big Boss, no one else even has a chance."

"Let's go. We must get the others together to resolve this situation as soon as possible."

"Thank you."

I headed out to HQ with all the other Hitmen in tow, to claim the position of Big Boss that has been left empty up until now.

"We won't let what happened before happen again!"




Icon Skill Name Level Skill Description
BG Fire Tool Passive Oils his precious odachi and Specter 5, so he can use skills more quickly with more precision. Increases Basic/Skill Atk. and Attack Speed.
Blitzkrieg Awakening
Strides sideways, harassing enemies with his sword and gun.
Point Blank 60 Releases a flurry of spirit swords, stabbing at and pulling multiple enemies, and then shoots them point blank.
Enemies hit by the stabbing attack are Held and can't move until you finish shooting.
Helix Dive 70 Spins, slashing and shooting at all surrounding enemies.
The spiral slashes push their targets slightly backward each time they hit, and the finishing slash launches its targets high in the air with damage.
Use with the Forward key to move farther while spinning.
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