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Awakening: Core Master

Here's my report.

The large amount of energy discharged during our engagement with The Company three weeks ago was not external interference.
I pored through their business negotiation transactions. They only had dealings with civilian and noble clients. It did not make any contact with any military organization capable of such effective crowd control.
Also, all the traces found on the battlefield belonged to The Company and us.
I've hired a Cleaner for the investigation; you can trust me on this.

In short, I believe the crowd control technique that obliterated our troops belongs to The Company itself.
From this point on, my report will be focused on how it's gotten hold of such great power.
But before we get into that, please take a look at this fragment that the aforementioned Cleaner has obtained.
It's part of an improved version of the personal firearm, which I reported to you a few months ago. It's created and used by the members of The Company called the Specialists.
At the time of my initial report, it was determined that this weapon was non-threatening because it was too unreliable to be useful in actual combat.
It was, however, the only thing The Company used during our last engagement with it that showed a dramatic change.

That's right. As some of you may know, the Specialists have incorporated the Core Energy into this weapon.
It's surprising that such a conservative organization has allowed its members to use this newly discovered source of energy, which can be discharged fairly easily, but is too difficult to control afterward.
And this fragment proves that the Specialists haven't stopped studying the application of the Core Energy.
If that energy three weeks ago is the results of their research so far, it's the greatest threat that we've ever faced.

I propose that we find out what exactly The Company can do with this energy as soon as possible. This concludes my report.

- From an enemy's report obtained during an annihilation operation




Icon Skill Name Level Skill Description
Intensify Passive Improves the performance of his Core Power Unit, increasing Intension's max stacks and Basic/Skill Atk.
Burst Field Awakening Skill Shoots the Core Energy at the ground, creating a field that temporarily Holds enemies before it explodes.
This field's duration increases in Intension mode.
You can activate Intension mode by using the skill key again during Burst Field.
Energy Bounce 60 Throws the Core Power Unit, creating a pillar that incapacitates enemies in front, and then injects energy into it with a pistol.
The pillar temporarily inflicts multi-hit damage before it explodes.
This explosion attack Holds in Intension mode.
You can activate Intension mode by using the skill key again before the energy injection phase.
Dispersion 70 Creates an energy-diffusing barrier in front of him, releasing his Core Energy and inflicting multi-hit damage for a while, and then detonates it.
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