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Advancement: Hitman

To put an end to Bakal's reign, people from various walks of life formed a group and joined the liberation war.

After the war, most of the people went back to their original vocations, but some became mercenaries or opened private security firms to make use of the fighting skills that they learned during the war.

The Company was the strongest and had the broadest information network among all such organizations.

It was also the most preferred group among the Nobility that didn't care how much it paid, so long as it got the best of everything. As a result, it all but monopolized on the high-paying jobs from the Nobility.
And when that happened, The Company was no longer a simple competitor to the other organizations. It became their enemy.

A simple conflict of interest sparked a bloody war between The Company and other organizations, and to effectively eliminate such threats, The Company established a new subgroup.

The members of this subgroup effectively solved the problems that got in the way of its mother company's business, and in recognition of their outstanding service, they were named the Hitmen, The Company's specialists that took care of problems in and out of the organization.



Icon Skill Name Level Skill Description
Hitman Light Armor Mastery 15 Light Armor increases Strength, Vitality, Max HP/MP, MP Recovery, Hit Recovery, and Physical Critical Chance.
CQB Specter 5 15 The Hitmen's combat art is based on their standard-issue weapon, Specter 5, and a close quarters combat textbook, CQB. Changes your Basic/Dash/Jump attacks to the Hitman's unique versions.
Overwatch 15 Quickly shoots left and right, inflicting damage on enemies in front.
Enables you to shoot during Backstep.
Slightly pushes enemies along the Y-axis with each hit.
Agile Maneuver 20 The Hitman's special maneuver that enables him to quickly move on the battlefield.
Press the skill or Attack key during Agile Maneuver to shoot at enemies in front.
Odachi Mastery 15 Odachis increase Physical Atk. and Hit Rate.
Dead Six 20 Slashes upward, launching enemies in the air, and then shoots at them.
For enemies that cannot be grabbed, the Hitman slashes upward and then downward instead.
Surprise Cut 20 Quickly stabs at surrounding enemies multiple times, and then shoots his gun and delivers a lateral slash at the same time, sending them flying.
Use with the Forward key to move slightly forward during the finishing attack
Seasoned Specialist 25

Enables you to use certain Shooting skills in the middle of another skill during its post-casting delay.
- Agile Maneuver, Offensive, Surprise Attack, Concentrated Fire, Alpha Strike, and Tactical Offense
- These skills cannot cancel other Shooting skills.

Increases Movement Speed, Physical Critical Chance, and Physical Critical Damage.

Surprise Attack 25 Shoots as he slides across the ground.
Press the Back or Down key to move a shorter distance.
Bill Drill 25 A close-ranged multi-slash technique. The Hitman slashes at enemies twice from the sides, hops and spins as he continues to slash at enemies, and then finishes with a wide swing of his sword upon landing.
Concentrated Fire 30 Shoots Specter 5 at enemies in front until he runs out of bullets.
Battle Command 30 The Hitman, being the cleaner of his organization and a leader, uses his excellent leadership to increase his and his allies' Atk.
Alpha Strike 35 Indiscriminately shoots at surrounding enemies.
Repeatedly hit the skill or Attack key to increase shooting speed.
Press C to cancel the skill during the shooting.
(Cannot be canceled with C during the finishing shot phase.)
Caracole 35 Throws a spinning odachi and shoots his gun until it returns.
The spinning odachi travels a certain distance forward, and then returns, pushing backward the enemies it hits.
Sweep 40 Slashes and shoots at enemies at the speed of light, annihilating them.
Repeatedly hit the skill or Attack key to accelerate this skill's process during the sweeping slash and shooting phases.
Final Strike 45 Musters his strength and delivers a finishing blow to enemies in front.
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