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Other Changes


  • New items will be added to the NPC Jonathan's Shop.
  • The Gold trading limits will be changed.
  • The Auction House's Buy Now price and max bid amount will be changed to 400 million Gold.
  • The Party Member Sound Volume menu will be added.


  • Block System Improvement
    - Now the Block System will operate on an account (Explorer Club) basis, and your Blocked List on each server will be combined into one for the same account.
    - The range of targets that can be blocked will be expanded.
    Target Old Change
    Offline characters Cannot be blocked Can be blocked
    Characters on different servers Cannot be blocked Can be blocked
  • If a blocked character changes to a different character on the same account, then this new character will also be blocked.



Training Center Update

  • The Monster and Mode settings will be improved.
    - New monsters will be added.
    - Luke and Metal Gear Canaps from the Luke dungeons
    - The exclusive Training Center monster, Sandbag, will be added.
    - Now you can select up to Level 120 for your training monsters.
    - You can now select unlimited HP.


  • The Buff settings will be improved.
    - Attack/Casting Speed buffs will be added.


  • The Damage Report function will be improved.
    - The maximum number of skills displayed on this report will be increased.
       ㄴ A scrollbar will be added to the Damage Report window because of this.
    - The skill icons on the Damage Report will no longer display the gray cooldown effect.
    - Now the Damage Report page will be renewed if you get rid of monsters in the Training Center.
    - The View Skill Order checkbox will be added to the right side of the View DPS checkbox.


  • The Challenge menu will be added.
    - In the Monster List, you can select a Challenge monster and challenge yourself to a new record.
       ㄴ The Challenge monster's name will be displayed in green.
       ㄴ You can select a Challenge monster at the bottom of the Monster List.

    - Challenge mode has the following characteristics.
       ㄴ The Burning buff is disabled.
       ㄴ Counterattack is disabled.
       ㄴ The Monster/Buff settings, Item Activation settings, and other additional options can't be used except for 100% Hit Rate.
       ㄴ In Challenge mode, you can use either Stopwatch or Timer.
    - Stopwatch: The maximum time limit is 3 minutes, and records your finish time.
    - Timer: 10, 15, or 20 seconds can be selected. Records your total damage in the selected amount of time.
       ㄴ In Timer mode, the Challenge monster's HP is set to unlimited.
       ㄴ The summoned monster grade is Boss.
       ㄴ If you start Challenge, your status will be reset and you will be given 5 seconds to prepare. During this preparation time, you can attack the monster, but can't inflict damage.
       ㄴ If you use Remove (Del) or exceed the maximum time limit in Stopwatch mode, the your record will not be saved.
       ㄴ You can't Challenge while in a party.


  • Its UI will be changed to accommodate the system updates.
    - When skills completely cool down, your Creature gauge will now become full.
    - The Item Activation, Reset Status, and View Challenge buttons and the +100% Hit Rate checkbox will be added.
       ㄴ Item Activation: Activates items that take effect when you attack or cast skills.
       ㄴ Items that are on cooldown can't be activated.
       ㄴ Reset Status: Resets your status to the time when you first entered the dungeon.
       ㄴ View Challenge: Shows your Challenge record.
    - Monsters will no longer be Invincible right after they are summoned.
    - The rats in the trashcan will be removed.
    - The trashcan will no longer display damage when attacked.



Additional Updates

  • Now the Advancement quests will be included in the Epic scenario.
    - If you don't  want to Advance, you can decide to postpone it and continue with Scenario quests.
    - The Advancement quests can be performed, even after they were skipped with the Clear Quest menu.
  • The following Epic quests will be added to the Grand Flores area.
    - "Return to Linus" will be added after "Linus's Request."
    - "Grakqarak Expedition" will be added after "Berserk Mage Keraha."
  • The System Guide information will be partially changed.
  • Now Clone Avatars' original Avatars will be highlighted.
  • Mileage Shop item list is updated.
    - Mileage Elemental Beads (Fire / Water / Light / Shadow / All) are added
    - Mystery Powerful Energy Pouches (1EA / 10EA) are added
    - Mystery Material Pouches (1EA / 10EA) are removed
    - Fatigue Recovery Potion (50/156) are removed
  • Character Safe and Account Vault upgrade level are expanded.
  • Max upgradable avatar inventory level is expanded.


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