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The Beast Dungeon

The Beast Dungeon

  • In this dungeon, you will encounter powerful beasts that roam Pandemonium.
    Dungeon can be entered in a party of 1-4. It is open on Fridays and Sundays.
    Bhairava's Heir and Aspect: Trine accessories can be obtained
  • Appears in Valley of the Half Breeds dungeon in The Beast Dungeon channel.
  • There are three difficulties for the Beast Dungeon: King, Slayer, Beast.
  • Monster's HP, Defense and Atk will increase based on the difficulty. (Beast is the highest difficulty.)
  • It can be entered up to 3 times per day but rewards can only be obtained twice.
    - It can be entered up to 3 times regardless of the difficulty.
    - Rewards can be obtained twice per boss.
    - If you fail to kill Hiero after killing Anne, you will only receive rewards for Anne.


Entry Information

  • Required Character Level: 90
    - Clear the Catherine the Beast Researcher quest to enter the Beast Dungeon channel.)
  • Dungeon Level: 120
  • Entry Material: Beast Investigation Request
    - Beast Dungeon entrance material 'Beast Investigation Request' can be purchased from NPC Catherine's shop.
    - It costs a fixed amount of gold and 'Seed of Birth.'
  • Fatigue Cost: 10 upon entry
  • Required Exorcism: King 4826 / Slayer 4877 / The Beast 4950
  • Life Token Limit: 1 per character
  • Party: 1 - 4 players


  • Beast Dungeon channel is available from Friday, 09:00 UTC to Saturday, 09:00 UTC and Sunday, 09:00 UTC to Monday, 09:00 UTC.
    - Beast Dungeon can only be entered from the Beast Dungeon channel.
    - Beast Dungeon consumes 1 'Beast Investigation Request' on entry.
    - If you failed on your first try and did not receive rewards, it can be entered again. However, it will cost an additional 'Beast Investigation Request' and fatigue points.



[ Beast - Anne's Statue ]

  • Sighted Area: At the entrance to the Windy Canyon in the Metro Center area
  • Shape: At the time of discovery, only the head of the statue was discovered with a bumpy, jagged surface at the bottom of its neck, as if it was ripped off the body with force. The most striking feature of this statue is the gem inset in the center of the forehead, which is so big and beautiful that it attracts grave robbers. A great many grave robbers tried everything they could think of to get the gem, but none of them could leave even a scratch on the statue.                        
  • Characteristics: The term, Beast, doesn't just apply to strong creatures; it also applies to any presence that is strong enough to affect their surroundings. Certain Beasts are the personifications of natural phenomena or giant masses of energy. This moving statue is one of them. Three times taller than a grown man, this statue was discovered near the Windy Canyon in the Metro Center area.

    "At the time I observed it, this statue didn't move. But when the Kashipas' pentacle threatened the seal, it moved and eliminated the mages. Linda thinks this statue is a safety device prepared to keep the seal intact. I don't know if an Beast is sealed within the statue, or if the Kashipas were aware of this statue when they tried to break the seal.
    Anne's Statue flew and moved as if it weighed nothing, and the power it used to attack the Kashipa mages looked like it was completely different from magic. The statue stayed in the Windy Cannon for a while before it disappeared mysteriously.

    ㅡ Dulis's Observation Journal"                        


[ Beast - Hiero ]

  • Sighted Area: Near a coastal city in the Metro Center area
  • Shape: A half-man, half-quadruped Beast that's covered with scaly skin except for its chest and stomach. It usually stays on the ground, but its scales and tail enable it to be active underwater. It's been wearing Echon-style accessories since it was first discovered.

    Some people sacrifice others for their sea god, to convince themselves that they're being protected by the deity. Traces of such sacrificial rituals can still be found in the cities along the coasts of Pandemonium. And this Beast named Hiero is what their fear would look like if it became reality.

    "Hiero was first discovered at a seaside village in the Metro Center area. It's capable of language, but it only speaks to make itself understood; it doesn't speak it to communicate with others. It's also extremely warlike. While the other Beasts do not interfere with each other, Hiero picks fights with them. It seems this Beast enjoys fighting for the fun of it, as well as for obtaining food for survival. Considering its predilection for violence and the fact that it's wearing Echon-style accessories, it's suspected that Hiero came from the Echon Planet. How it arrived in Pandemonium is anyone's guess. What's amazing about this Beast is that, even though Hiero does not radiate mana, it freely commands the power of water, one of the four elements of nature. It's not known if Hiero was born with this ability or has acquired it when it came to Pandemonium. What's clear, however, is that this Beast grows stronger when it's near water.

    ㅡ From Dulis's Observation Journal"                        



  • Appears in Valley of the Half Breeds in the Beast Dungeon channel.
  • Hiero appears after Anne is defetead.
  • When Anne is defeated, she will start fighting against Hiero. Hiero can be attacked during this time.
    - Hiero will take up to 15% of his maximum HP as damage during this time.



  • Resurrection character skills are restricted from use.
    - Mage (M), Crusader (F), and Knight
  • The same item restriction rules used by Raid mode are applied.
    - Divine Revival Formula, Heavenly HP Potion, Sacred Blessing and Heavenly Potion
  • Puppet items are restricted from use.
  • The Burning effect is not applied.
  • Gabriel's Shop does not appear.



  • The Beast Dungeon rewards will be added.
  • You can get the following Material items through the Beast dungeons.
Difficulty Rewards acquired per dungeon clear
King Pioneer's Token 12
New Species Trace 8
Slayer Pioneer's Token 22
New Species Trace 18
Beast Pioneer's Token 34
New Species Trace 24
  • Only the surviving characters at the time of reward distribution can receive a reward.
    - If the beast dies while you are on a 10 second death timer, you will receive the reward as long as you have Life Token limit remaining.


  • You can get the following equipment in the Beast dungeons.
  • You can get it through the NPC Catherine.
Name Level Rank Parts Description
Thundereater Taerin 90 Epic Necklace INT +43
SPI +107
All Atk. +20%
Movement Speed +5%
Attack Speed +5%
Casting Speed +7%
Power Spewing Chori 90 Epic Bracelet STR +43
VIT +107
Skill Atk. +20%
Movement Speed +5%
Attack Speed +5%
Casting Speed +7%
Chilling Gaze 90 Epic Ring STR +64
INT +64
Physical/Magical/Independent Atk. +20%
Movement Speed +5%
Attack Speed +5%
Casting Speed +7%
<Set Options>
Bhairava's Heir
90 Epic Set

[2-piece Set Options]
Additional Attack damage +12%
Additional Critical damage +12%

[3-piece Set Options]
STR/INT +12%

Movement/Attack Speeds +7%
and Casting Speed +10%
(Canceled when unequipped)


Name Level Rank Parts Description
Leo: Stationary Pride 90 Epic Necklace

INT +143
VIT +109
SPI +215

Revelation: Aria +1

Sign of Protectio
n +2

Sagittarius: Capricious Passion 90 Epic Bracelet STR +43
INT +210
VIT +207
SPI +100
Divine Invocation skill cooldown -20%
and skill area of effect +20%
Valiant Aria skill cooldown -10% and aria range +20%
Aries: Dynamic Vigor 90 Epic Ring STR +64
INT +164
VIT +180
SPI +180
Skills cast Super Armor for 10 seconds.
(Cooldown: 10 sec. Canceled when unequipped.)
<Set Options>
Aspect: Trine
90 Epic Set

[2-piece Set Options]
All Elemental Resistances +30
All Abnormal Status Resist +30

Valor Blessing +1

Divine Invocation +1
Strike +1
Wisdom Blessing +1

[3-piece Set Options]
STR +100
INT +100
VIT +80
SPI +80

Apocalypse +1

Crux of Victoria +1


  • The following Epic Accessories can be upgraded to Bhairava's Heir/Aspect: Trine Accessories with the upgrade recipes.
  • Sensory Satisfaction Set Accessories
  • Sky Traveler Set Accessories
  • Infinite Avarice Set Accessories  


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