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Convenience Update


  • The checkbox for the Selection Box window will be enlarged.

  • Item information will be hidden when you are dragging items.
  • You can now select between Legendary Souls and Ryan Cores for retexturization.
    - 250 Ryan Cores will be required for retexturization.
  • The Equipment Engraving window will no longer overlap your inventory, regardless of your screen resolution.
  • Option levels can no longer be transferred to or from equipment that have options that all match.



  • You will be able to select the quantity of Fragments you want to purify or disassemble in the Monster Collection.
    - Up to 99 can be selected.
Piece Purification Piece Disassembly


  • The Sell All button will be added to Gabriel's Shop.
  • The Single-Use Owl item in Gabriel's Shop will be moved to the far right side.
  • You can now auto-insert emoticons to your messages by selecting preset text and pressing the Enter key.
    - Go to the Skin Storage → Emoticon tab and select the Emoticon Settings button.
    - Up to 10 emoticons can be saved. Each text string can contain up to 20 English letters.


  • Now, you can select up to Unique grade to sell all Talismans and Runes.
  • You can now use tags to look up options in the DFOpedia Enchanting tab.


  • The Temporary Info window will now instantly display the item you clicked.
  • The Safe/Account Vault window will now instantly display the item you searched.
  • The Item Shop will now check for and require only a single inventory slot for items of the same kind that you purchase in separate increments.
    - We confirmed that the Item Shop had required as many empty slots as the number of items you wanted to buy, even if they were of the same kind. This has now been fixed.


  • The Recruit Again function will be added to Explorer Club Adventure.
    - Not applied to singular recruitments.

  • Items searched in the Inventory and Safe window will now be outlined in green.
    - Color will be changed from yellow to green to increase visibility in case you have multiple Epic Equipment items stored one after another.


  • The Quest Path Display menu in the Settings System Notification tab will now be auto-activated when you click Quest Location Guide.
  • The Avatar and Creature inventories will now display the number of items you currently have.
    - Excluding the Avatars or Creature you're equipped with
  • The maximum search results in the Auction Hall will be expanded to 100.
    - Previously, they were limited to 20 to avoid displaying too many items. They will be expanded to 100 to allow you to check more items at once.


  • The Advanced Dungeon Entry quests will now include instructions on how to start the Advanced Dungeons.
  • An image will appear above the Raid / Special Dungeon / Advanced Dungeon starting NPCs.
    - Click this image, and the Create Party UI will be displayed.
  • The Advanced Dungeon-starting menu name will be changed.
    - Destroyed Castle of the Dead: Create Explorer Club → Create Party
    - Noblesse Code: Form Operation → Create Party
  • The Esc Skip option will be added to the Premium Card menu.
    - It will be turned on by default. Check it off to ignore the Skip function and continue to count down when Premium Cards appear.
    - This option is applied per account.

  • 1 second is added to the countdown when Premium Cards appear.
  • An HUD icon will be added to help you access the Noblesse Code Reward Distribution window when you haven't completed the distribution.
    - This HUD icon can only be used in Seria's Room or in town.
    - This HUD icon will only be displayed in the Noblesse Code channel.


  • NPC Delilah will now appear when you clear the Advanced Dungeons.
  • The [Normal Dungeon] Explore Control Coordinates Quest material items will now last permanently instead of 1 day.



Multithreading Applied

1. The render thread will be added.

  • This thread is involved in receiving the calculation results from the main thread and displaying them on screen via DirectX.
  • Expectation: This thread will reduce the main thread's rendering workload and improve the game client's average FPS.


2. The load thread will be improved.

  • This thread loads files into memory at the request of the main or render thread.
  • Our game client always has been using the load thread to load files, but the way it did caused main thread bottlenecks, so its structure has been improved.
  • This new load thread structure also dynamically adjusts its thread quantity in proportion to the number of cores.
  • Expectation: This will alleviate short-term client bottlenecks caused by monsters, graphic effects, and other dynamic events that occur during gameplay.


3. The key command input sensor (record) thread will be added

  • This thread accepts and records your key inputs. Through this thread, the main thread receives your inputs and performs logical operations, carrying out the commands.
  • The older client accepted and processed your key inputs solely through the main thread. This caused the main thread to randomly skip your key inputs if it's overloaded with logical operations and rendering work.
  • Expectation: This will minimize the amount by which the main thread ignores key inputs during serious bottlenecks.


4. The network thread will be added

  • This thread has been created to process the packets that synchronize party members' clients for group battles separately from the main thread.
  • Expectation: This will alleviate short-term bottlenecks during the massive packet transmission process.



Talisman Preset

  • Talisman presets will be added.
    - A total of 2 will be added.
  • Talismans and Runes added to presets can't be discarded, sold to shops, or combined.
  • To change presets, make sure to secure enough room in your Talisman and Rune inventories first.
  • Presets can't be changed in dungeons.



Update History Top

DFO Time Converter

DFO’s server use’s UTC as the standard time.

However, you can use this feature to convert

the UTC time to your local time.

This will allow you to keep track of important things

such as start/end of events, expiration of

event/sale items, etc. in your local time.

This setting will only be applied to the current

browser you are accessing from.

Server Time

09 : 28

Tue, 10 Oct 2017 (UTC)

Local Time
Local Time

09 : 28

Tue, 10 Oct 2017