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  • The new Scenario quest, Ispins, the Usurped Lands, will be added.
  • You can unlock it by accepting the Level 110 Act quest, New Dimension.
  • The new Legion content, Ispins, the Usurped Lands, will be added.
  • Ispins, the Usurped Lands can be accessed on Thursday through Sunday weekly.
    (Thursday - Sunday)



How to Enter Content

  • Complete the quest "Time to Extinguish the Fire" to enter the Ispins, the Usurped Lands Legion channel.
  • The Ispins, the Usurped Lands channel requires 33,043 or more Fame.
  • You can enter the content through NPC Commander Irine in the Ispins, the Usurped Lands channel.
  • You can create a party through NPC Commander Irine or the Look for Party UI.
  • After creating or joining a party, move to the right side and start the content through NPC Juvenil.



Content Info


Entry Level: 110

  • Characters below Level 110 can't enter.


Recommended Party Size: 4

  • 1 - 4 characters


Entry Fame: 33,043 

  • Characters below 33,043 Fame can't enter. 


Entry Fatigue: 30

  • 30 Fatigue is consumed upon entry.


Weekly Entry Limit: 3

  • Your Weekly Entry count will be decreased at the beginning of the content.


Weekly Reward Count: 1

  • You'll get a reward upon defeating a Dragonoid. You can get a Weekly reward per Dragonoid.
    • Your Weekly Reward count is decreased per Dragonoid.
      - Ash Core Reward: 1
      - Numak Reward: 1
      - Neiser Reward: 1
      - Itrenok Reward: 1
  • Your Weekly Reward count will drop to 0 when you get all the available Dragonoid rewards for the week.
  • Afterward, you can't enter the content, even if you have remaining entries.
  • Your Weekly Entry and Reward Count limits will be reset on Tuesday at 9:00 UTC.



Content Rules


  • A 60-minute limit is applied to each dungeon.
    - If you pass 60 minutes, then you'll be auto-removed from the dungeon.
  • 30 Dungeon Re-entry count is applied.
    - This count decreases per re-entry.
  • Life Tokens are restricted from use.
  • All your party members will auto-resurrect for every new Dragonoid phase.
    - Resurrect with 30% of HP/MP.
  • Healing Consumables and Dungeon Life Online throwing Consumables can only be used up to 8 times.
  • Puppet items are restricted from use in this content.
  • Certain character skills weaken in the Ispins dungeons.
    - Target Skills: Slow Heal, Healing Prayer, and Meticulous Stitching
    - You can check more detailed information about these skills in the Ispins channel.



Content Failure

  • If you use all your 30 Re-entry counts, you'll fail the content.



Abandon Mission

  • As the party leader, you can abandon the content through an NPC in each Dragonoid area.
    • Abandonment first has to be put to the vote, and your entire party must agree to it.
    • If you abandon the content, your dungeon progression will be reset.
    • To retry the dungeon, you'll have to leave your existing party and create a new one.
    • If you restart the content, you can't get the Dragonoid rewards you already collected. 
    • Your Weekly Entry count will not be restored when you abandon the content.



Area Buff

  • The Area buff, Irine's Prayer, will be added.
  • Irine's Prayer will be applied to the Temporary Post area. 
    - It increases STR/INT in the dungeons.
    - This stat bonus by Irine's Prayer will not affect Buffer characters' Buff skills.



 How to Play

  • The Dragonoids appear in a different order every week.
    - Their order is updated on Tuesday at 9:00 UTC.
  • You can enter the content dungeons through the Status Board.
    - Only your party leader can control the Status Board.
  • The Adventurer can select 1 Operation Card from among 3 kinds before fighting each Dragonoid.
    - 3 Operation Cards among various kinds will be selected. 
    - Each Operation Card can't be selected more than once.
  • Your party leader can select the final Operation Card.
    - Before the Select Operation phase, all party members except the leader will be given some time to choose and recommend the operation they want.
  Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Operation Card
Recommended Fame 33,043 or more 36,268 or more 38,243 or more
  • The higher the operation level, the better your additional reward upon completing the operation.
    - You can't get the additional reward if you fail.
    - If you retreat, your progression will be reset.
    - Your Reward count per Dragonoid will be decreased, regardless of your operation results.
  • Operations are provided at different difficulty levels, depending on the level.
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