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Once a beautiful garden, it is now just barren land. The Bronx.

Somewhere in there were the ruins of Wave Hill,
which stood proud as a brilliant civilization with fields of beautiful flowers while it lasted. 

The Ratties, known to be the smallest and weakest of all Half-Breeds, started building their secret village there.
However, Pandemonium was ruled by the survival of the fittest.
Their paradise could be invaded and destroyed anytime. 

Every day, the Ratties lived in uncertainty and fear. Then, one day, they heard an amazing story
about the Adventurer, a strong warrior who never turned away from the weak and needy.
It was hard to believe. It was against what was common sense in Pandemonium,
but Ei, the leader of the Ratties, needed help protecting his people.


He went to see the Adventurer. 


The Dungeon Life Online content will be added.

You can enter it if you have a Level 50 character on the server.





  •  If you have a Level 50 character on the server, the Dungeon Life Online NPC, Ei, will appear in Seria's Room.
  • Talk to Ei and use the portal on the left side of Seria's Room to enter Dungeon Life Online.






  • When you enter the Dungeon Life Online Village, your Main HUD will change to the Dungeon Life Online UI.
  • Through this dedicated UI, you can use the Dungeon Life resources and functions.




AP (Activity Point)

Points used for Dungeon Life Online activities, e.g., crafting, fishing, and farming.


A currency exclusively used in Dungeon Life Online.
Can be obtained through various production activities in Dungeon Life Online.
Can't be used anywhere else.


Use the Build button to access Village Edit mode.

Life Journal

Use the Life Journal button to check your village status at a glance.

Fountain Level

Displays your Fountain Level.

  • You'll be given 50 AP when you first enter the content.
    - Your Max AP increases depending on your Fountain Level.
    - You can't perform actions that require AP without it. 
    - Your AP is fully restored daily at 9:00 UTC.
  • You can only sell Dungeon Life Online items to the Dungeon Life Online NPC shops.
    - The Dungeon Life Online items can only be traded for the content-exclusive currency, Sill.
  • The Dungeon Life Online items can't be sold to the regular NPC shops.
  • The regular in-game items can't be sold to the Dungeon Life Online NPC shops.




 Building & Decorating


  • Click the Build button in the exclusive UI to access Edit mode. You can set up buildings in Edit mode.
    - Some buildings require a set Fountain Level.
  • Buildings require a number of blank cells for their building.
    - You can't set them up if you don't have enough blank cells.
  • You can apply different backgrounds, floors, and special effects to your village in Edit mode.
    - You can get decorations, backgrounds, floors, and special effects through the Dungeon Life Online NPCs, Exchange Hub NPCs, and Visitor NPCs.


Building List


Fountain Level


Wealth Fountain


Fountain Fairies come to stay in your village at Fountain Level 5 or above.
Generates Happy Hearts at Level 5 or above.
Decreases plant-growing time and increases Max AP, depending on its Level.

Farm Storage


Farm Keeper Goodman comes to stay in your village if you build this.



You can grow crops in Gardens.



Master Crafter Day comes to stay in your village if you build this.

Fishing Ground


Fishing Ground Keeper Eddie comes to stay in your village if you build this.

Secret Shop


Archaeologist Pine comes to stay in your village if you build this.





  • You can store Dungeon Life Online items with Storekeeper Bibi.
    - Bibi's Storage can only store the Dungeon Life Online material items.
    - The regular in-game items can't be stored.
    - The Dungeon Life Online items can't be stored in your regular Storage.
  • You can expand Bibi's Storage with Sill.
    - Bibi's Storage can have up to 80 slots.






  • Various gatherables appear every 2 hours around the Wealth Fountain in Dungeon Life Online.
    - Approach a gatherable and hold down the Space bar to gather it.
    - Gatherables yield useful Dungeon Life Online materials.
  • More gatherables appear at higher Wealth Fountain Levels.



Gatherable List




Yields Wood and Golden Leaves.


Yields Mystic Ores and Gold Nuggets.

Aqua Lily

Yields Aqua Lilies.

Flame Lily

Yields Flame Lilies.

Night Herb

Yields Night Herbs.

Light Herb

Yields Light Herbs.

Dropped Item

Yields one of the following: Abandoned Water Bottle, Golden Coin, Silvery Coin, Crow Feather, Cogwheel, or Wrench.





  • Build a Farm Storage and a Garden to grow crops.
  • You can buy seeds from NPC Farm Keeper Goodman with Sill.

  • You can plant seeds in Gardens through the Seed UI.
  • Crops require a different amount of time to grow, depending on their type.
    - Their growing time decreases, depending on your Fountain Level.
    - They're ready to harvest when their growing time is reached.
    - You can harvest crops in the same way you collect gatherables.





Takes 5 minutes to grow.

4 AP


Takes 20 minutes to grow.

2 AP


Takes 20 minutes to grow.

2 AP


Takes 10 minutes to grow.

8 AP


Takes 7 minutes to grow.

8 AP


Takes 45 minutes to grow.

10 AP


Takes 45 minutes to grow.

10 AP


Takes 40 minutes to grow.

2 AP

Sweet Potato

Takes 40 minutes to grow.

2 AP


Takes 50 minutes to grow.

5 AP


Takes 60 minutes to grow.

5 AP


Takes 180 minutes to grow.

15 AP





Build a Fishing Ground to fish.
You can buy fishing tools from NPC Fishing Ground Keeper Eddie with Sill.

  • Fishing requires Fish Hooks and Bait.
    - Fishing tools are consumed per fishing attempt.
    - You can't fish without having enough Fish Hooks and Bait.
  • 3 AP is consumed per fishing attempt.
    - You can't fish without having enough AP.
  • You can catch different fishes, depending on your fishing rod and bait combination.
    - If you fail to catch a fish, you'll get an Empty Can instead.



Fish List





Crucian Carp






Snow Crab












Rainbow Crucian Carp


Rainbow Carp


Golden Carp


Golden Shark


Golden Whale


Empty Can






  • Build a Workshop to craft items.
  • You can buy various crafting manuals from Master Crafter Day, Record Keeper Selin, and the Battleground Chef and Pilot Doris in the Exchange Hub with Sill.
    - Manuals can't be discarded or sold once obtained.
    - Manuals are permanently added to your Workshop when used.
    - You can craft items by adding materials to your registered Manuals.

  • You can craft various items—Consumables, materials, clothes, decorations, etc.—at the Workshop.
    - Consumables crafted at the Workshop are tradable.
    - Materials, clothes, decorations, and other Dungeon Life Online items bind to your account.
  • Crafting requires AP. You can also use Sill if you don't have enough AP.
    - You can't craft without having enough AP or Sill.
  • You can get 1 more completed product, depending on your Luck applied to the Workshop.
    - Your Luck increases as per your Fountain Level.





  • Every day at 9:00 UTC, various people will visit your Dungeon Life Online village to ask you for help.
    - The higher your Fountain Level, the greater the variety of your clients and the higher their chance of appearing will be.
  • When you first meet a client, you can select Greet and collect a gift from them.


  • Complete requests for your clients, and you'll get the Happy Heart item.
    - Happy Hearts are used to buy decorations and increase your Fountain Level.
  • Some clients forcibly change your village's weather.
  • Each client sells a variety of decorations and Weather effects.
    - You can buy them with items that the clients want.




Socialize & Request

  • You can use the Socialize and Request menus on the following village NPCs.
    - Pioneer Ei
    - Record Keeper Selin
    - Storekeeper Bibi
    - Fishing Ground Keeper Eddie
    - Master Crafter Day
    - Farm Keeper Goodman
    - Archaeologist Pine




  • Use the Socialize menu to give gifts to your village NPCs and increase your Likeness with them.
    - If you reach the Maximum Likeness, you can use the Request menu.
    - You can't use the Request menu on the NPCs whose Likeness is low.
  • You can give gifts to NPCs once a day.
    - Reset daily at 9:00 UTC.
  • The Heart effect appears around NPCs at the Maximum Likeness.



  • You can use the Request menu to ask NPCs for help.
  • Request requires a payment.
    - You can't Request without having enough Sill.


Exchange Hub


  • You can move to the Exchange Hub through Exchange Hub Guide Tember on the left side of the Exchange Hub.
  • In the Exchange Hub, you can meet NPCs Pilot Doris, Mister Valentine, and Battleground Chef.
  • You can buy Dungeon Life Online items at the Exchange Hub NPCs with Sill.



  • Staying near the Peace Fountain in the Exchange Hub increases your Explorer Club stats for a while.
  • This effect temporarily changes your Explorer Club buff.
    - If your Explorer Club Level is below 30, your buff effects will be improved to match their effects at Level 30.
    - If stat bonuses by the buff are below 20, they will be increased to 20.
    - This buff effect will expire in 1 hour or when you log out from the game.



  • You can buy Leave Permits at NPC Pioneer Ei Shop.
  • You can buy Ei's, Bibi's, and Selin's Leave Permits and summon them to the Exchange Hub.


  • Use a Leave Permit in the Exchange Hub to write a message and promote your village through the NPC.
  • You can use others' NPCs on leave to visit their Dungeon Life Online villages.
    - You can visit others' village fountains and collect Happy Hearts. (Once a day)
  • Every time another adventurer visits your village and collects a Happy Heart from your fountain, 1 Happy Heart will be accumulated on your fountain.
    - Only up to 100 Happy Hearts can be accumulated on the fountain at a time.



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