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Advancement: Skirmisher



I met him once during the short days of autumn at an arena near the western mountains. The man displayed the sharpness of Suju and the skills of an Imperial Knight.


He overwhelmed his opponents with his strong and swift spearmanship. The audience loved it and they cheered at every victory. However, instead of being joyous of his achievements, I noticed a faint sadness in his eyes, as if he were in pain even though his opponents barely left a scratch on him.

I learned of his secret from my master. About the accursed weapon known as the Demonic Lance and the horrendous burden it inflicted upon its users in return for its incredible power. It seems the man was suppressing it and would only use it occasionally.

But why?

When I finally got a chance to speak to the man, I was surprised at the lack of viciousness or hostility coming from a person who was supposed to be cursed. He even fancied my request to show me his spearmanship skills. Needless to say, he displayed power that could be described as the height of human ability. It was breathtaking.
He left the next day and we never saw each other again.


Afterwards, I began to hear rumours of a man known as the "Skirmisher" who challenged various martial arts schools and partook in almost every arena battle. I may have no proof of this but I knew this was the man I met not long ago..
I wondered if he really did enjoy fighting or there was something else that drove him? Out of curiosity, I asked my master on his thoughts on the rumours..


"There are many ways we find fulfilment in life, whether he finds it in duelling we will never know. However, remember what you learned that day, you first met"

said my master.


I remembered his impeccable spearmanship but most of all, I remembered the curse of the "Demonic Lance" and his struggle to suppress its power.
Could this be the reason why he fights? Does he want to overcome its torturous curse? I can only guess the answer and imagine his agony.
But what I am certain of is, that I have met a true warrior.


Skirmisher Introduction

  • Stabbing/piercing is the Skirmisher's preferred style of attack. They are best at quickly engaging the enemy then quickly pulling back to safe distance. 
  • Long Lance is their main weapon.


New Skills

Icon Skill Name Level Skill Description
Mirage Stance 15 Quickly backstep during an attacking motion to create a mirage and move freely.
Swirling Spear 15 Performs a piercing attack accompanied by a cyclone that pulls in enemies.
Long Lance Mastery 15 Increases Physical Atk., Attack Speed, Accuracy and decreases cooldown.
Aura Lance 20 Grants bonus damage to basic attacks.
Ground Seeker 20 Sweeps the ground to lift enemies into the air.
Double Punto 20 Concentrate the power to a point and quickly stab twice. Enemies hit by the tip of the stab receive more damage.
Storm 25 Powerfully spin your lance to create a wind pressure. 
Rising Lance 30 Jump into the air and throw a javelin to super hold enemies.
Chain Wave Lance 35 Charge forward and perform a piercing attack.
Sky Piercer 35 Sweep and hit enemies ahead then attack with 3 consecutive stabs towards the sky. 
Mesocyclone 40 Quickly spin the lance above your head and draw enemies closer to the attack.
Vital Strike 45 Consecutively stab the vital points of the enemies. Enemies hit by the tip of the spear gain vulnerability stacks. 


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