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Advancement: Vanguard



They appear in every battlefield, always willing to be at the forefront of an army. They are fearless in combat and is delighted at the sight of stronger opponents. They are enchanted, if not intoxicated by the destructive power of their Demonic Lance. These men are known as "Vanguards". A befitting name for those who are always at the front of the lines.


Every army commander knows that the fighting spirit and vitality of the "Vanguards" is invaluable. Thus, they are ecstatically drafted in any army setting off for war. 


However, there are many who hates the aggressive nature of the "Vanguards", they are mostly despised by other Demon Lancers who sometimes attack them without reason. This gives nothing but great joy to the "Vanguards" as they would like nothing more than the chance to further strengthen their Demonic Lances.


The “Vanguards” are fierce and unrelenting.
Their lives are short and their demise is unsightly.
They are like waves that crashes at the cliff side.
But not all waves break. There are those that breach the walls they strike.


The “Vanguards” that survive the endless cycle of war are able to refine their Demonic Lances to unimaginable proportions. Not even the most refined shield can stop them.


If by any chance you meet a ”Vanguard” in battle, flee or surrender.
This is the only way to survive against those who refuse to taint their lances with the blood of a coward.



Vanguard Introduction

  • Vanguards use heavy and powerful slashes to annihilate enemies in a wide range.  
  • Halberd is their main weapon.


New Skills

Icon Skill Name Level Skill Description
Cleave 15 Vanguard’s special technique that utilizes the destructive power of the Demonic Lance.
Smash 15 Cancel your basic/dash attack to perform a powerful strike.
Demonic Lance Mastery 15 Wielding the Demonic Lance increases the Vanguard’s inner thirst for power, massively enhancing his attacking prowess and becoming incredibly destructive.
Demonic Unleash 20 Unleashes the suppressed Demonic Lance’s power at once, maximizing your destructive power for a fixed duration.
Inferno Charge 20 Charge forward relentlessly.
Brandish 25 A double slash to attack a wide area in front. Struck enemies are immobilized.
Impact Smash 25 Allows you to cancel another skill to unleash a powerful attack. (Excluding Earthshatter)
Crescent Slash 30 Jump up in the air and slash the enemy downward.
Behead 35 Gather strength and attack with a large slash to deal critical damage.
Dread Bore 35 Gather strength and attack with a powerful stab. Struck enemies are knocked back and receive multiple instances of damage.
Blade Storm 40 Consecutive slashes forward then finish with a powerful attack. Struck enemies are pulled towards the center.
Devastate 45 Spin the halberd widely above your head then finish with a powerful attack.


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