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Awakening: Revenant



Their bodies crushed, their souls broken, their lives lost but still they rise even when it seems impossible.


These men are not immortals nor is this an act of miraculous salvation. Nevertheless, it cannot be denied that the dead has returned to raise their lance once more against the living.


Some call them spirits, others the undead but no one can explain the incredible mystery before them.


What keeps them here? 
What gets them back up again and again?


Maybe we will never know but pray that you will never meet a Revenant in battle. For he will be the last thing you will ever see.



New Skills

Icon Skill Name Level Skill Description
Demonic Control 48 After going through endless cycle of life and death, Demonic Lancer has learned to control the power of the Demonic Lance. As a result, skill atk. is increased and following effects will be applied when Vanguard is less than certain amount of HP. (Effects are upgraded over 2 levels)
  • Bonus Attack Speed - Increases the amount of damage it takes to become immobilzed when attacking
  • At Lv. 2, ignoring immobility effect becomes applicable to all situations.
Earthshatter  50 Powerfully smash the ground to lift enemies into the air and attack with a wide slash to cut down enemies.
Lunge Strike 60 Stab and raise enemy towards the air then jump and smash the enemy to the ground. Nearby enemies also receive damage.
Doom Glaive 70 Jump and gather strength to critically damage enemies within the area of downward smash. Enemies hit by the downward smash does not take shock damage.


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