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Awakening: Highlander



The Highlanders have wandered through out Arad for almost an eternity. They have forgotten their past and do not carry anything of value.

Having been born without wealth. They have detached themselves from the material world and all its sensitivities. They bow to no one and prays to no god.


Some would say their life is meaningless but for the Highlanders, actions are more important than words or stature.

These are proud and fearless warriors who have honed their life for war and showcase their worth on the battlefield.

They are men who refuses to become a stepping stone for the glory of others and even when death is before them, they struggle on until their very last breath.


This is the way of the Highlander.



New Skills

Icon Skill Name Level Skill Description
Mirage Stream 48 Circulate your energy efficiently to increase the Atk. of all of your skills.
Aura Javelin 50 Send a barrage of attacks through a mirage then attack a large area with a lance created through the aura to incapacitate the enemies.
Rolling Vulcan 60 Roll up into the air and fire a barrage of energy towards the enemy.
Crescent Strike 70 Widely swing the lance to create a crescent shaped to attack the enemies.


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