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New Class: Demonic Lancer

New Class:


The Imperial Arena. A place where slaves are forced to fight in mortal combat for the entertainment of their noble masters. Life was meaningless in the arena, defeat meant certain death while victory only gave reprieve to live another day.


This bloody and senseless sport was once exclusively controlled by the nobles but now the arena has been opened to the public by the orders of the Emperor.


He promised riches and fame to anyone who would bring glory to the Arena but most of all, freedom to any slave who could win it all.


To become a champion meant great wealth and the status of an imperial noble. This was enough to tempt not only feeble adventurers in participating but also slaves like the Demonic Lancers to fight in the arena even if it meant battling their own kin.


The Demonic Lancers suffered greatly as every victory against their own meant absorbing the power of the demonic lance of the fallen into themselves.


The suffering was so great that a number of Demonic Lancers abandoned their ambition and headed to Silver Crown to find a way to lift their accursed power and free themselves from the cycle of chaos. 




Demonic Lancer Introduction

  • A new class Demonic Lancer will be added. 
  • Demonic Lancers are warriors who utilizes the hidden powers of the Demonic Lance. He has the longest range out of all the melee classes in Dungeon Fighter Online.
  • Demonic Lancers can advance to Vanguard or Skirmisher.


Demonic Lancer Common Skills

Icon Skill Name Level Skill Description
Helm Shot 1 An upper strike that launches enemies into the air.
Quick Punto 1 A piercing attack against enemies in front of you. 
Hook and Throw 5 Drag the enemy by using the lance then throw them forward.
Endure 5 Take enemy's attacks in order to counter-attack. 
Side Slash 10 Quickly cuts wide to target enemies in front.
Paratrooper 10 Dives from the air to strike the ground.
Ankle Cut 15 Trip the enemy by cutting their ankle.
Surround Break 15 Consecutive strike with the ability change the attacking direction.


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