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Explorer Club Shop

Explorer Club Shop

  • The Explorer Club Shop will be updated.
  • A shop where you can use Valor/Glory Crystals will be added to the Explorer Club Shop.
  • You can get Valor Crystals when your characters earn EXP.
  • Your existing Explorer Club Points will be converted into Valor Crystals at a 1:1 ratio.
  • Just like Explorer Club Points, you can save up to 250 Valor Crystals at a time.
  • Your Maximum Purchase count will be reset at 9:00 a.m. UTC on the first day of each month.
  • You can get Glory Crystals through Expeditions.
  • There is no maximum quantity limit for Glory Crystals.
  • Your Maximum Purchase count and Glory Crystal count will be reset at 9:00 a.m. on the first day of each month.


  • You can buy the following items with Bravery Crystals.
Item Name Valor Crystals Explorer Club Level Max Purchase
Improved Growth Potion 1 2 10
(Lv. 10 - 19) Untradeable Level Up Ticket 1 4 7
(Lv. 20 - 29) Untradeable Level Up Ticket 2 6 7
(Lv. 30 - 39) Untradeable Level Up Ticket 4 8 7
(Lv. 40 - 49) Untradeable Level Up Ticket 6 10 5
(Lv. 50 - 69) Untradeable Level Up Ticket 8 12 5
(Lv. 70 - 85) Untradeable Level Up Ticket 12 15 2
(Lv. 86) Untradeable Level Up Ticket 20 20 1
2nd Awakening Quest Clearance Ticket 50 10 1
Sub Equipment Quest Clearance Ticket 100 15 1
Magic Stone Quest Clearance Ticket 150 20 1
Earrings Quest Clearance Ticket 200 25 1


  • You can buy the following items with Glory Crystals.
Item Glory Crystals Explorer Club Level
Interdimensional Fragment Box (120) 5 1
Ancient Memory Fragment Box (120) 6 1
Darma's Symbol Box (40) 7 5
Epic Crafting Machine Coolant 70 10
Powerful Energy Box (84) 70 10
Demon Invitation Box (250) 250 10
Legendary Soul 70 15


Growth Capsule

  • The Growth Capsule System will be moved to the Explorer Club.
  • You can check this feature at the Explorer Club Shop > Growth Capsule menu.
  • The maximum Character Level allowed for the Growth Capsule System will be extended to 86.
  • Eligible Character Levels are 50 - 86.
  • If characters at Level 90 or higher gain EXP, then the EXP is accumulated in your Growth Capsule gauge.
  • EXP is accumulated on your account instead of each character.


  • Log on to the character for which you want to receive EXP and click the Get EXP button, and a certain percentage of the accumulated EXP will be added to the character.
  1. Get EXP from Current Accumulated EXP
    - You can get 1,000,000 EXP for every 10% block in the Accumulated EXP gauge.
  2. Get EXP as Growth Capsules
    - If you fill up the Accumulated EXP gauge, then the EXP is converted to a 10,000,000 Character EXP Growth Capsule.
    - You can save up to 10 Growth Capsules at a time.


  • If you click Get EXP, then your saved Growth Capsules are used before the Accumulated EXP gauge, one by one.
  • After you convert and receive accumulated EXP, you can accumulate more EXP.
  • If you accumulate the maximum amount of EXP, then an alert effect will be added to your Explorer Club icon.
  • EXP accumulated in the Growth Capsule gauge is not reset.
  • The Accumulated EXP gauge is reset every Tuesday at 9:00 a.m. (UTC)


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