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Guild Updates

Guild Updates

  • If guildsmen enter a dungeon together in a party, then their Guild Buff effects will improve in proportion to their number.
    - If some of the party members are not in the same guild or not in a guild at all, then the Guild Buff bonus will not be applied.
    - Not applied in Raid mode.


  • The Guildsmen list in the Guild window will display the guildsmen's Main character names, server names, and memos if you bring the cursor over their names.


  • The Guild Settings feature will be improved.

    - The following features will be added to Guild Settings.
    ㄴ Guild Channel, Guild Notice, How to Join a Guild, Guild Traits, Guild Introduction, and Guildsman Settings


  • You will be able to set up your membership type to Auto or Approval-based.
    - Auto: Enables you to instantly accept applicants without the approval process.
    - Approval-based: Enables you to screen applicants, just like before.


  • Guild Traits will be added to help you describe your guild's traits.
    - The available guild traits are as follows.
    ㄴ #Buddy, #Noobfriendly, #Grind, #Raid, #PvP, #Solo, and #Pro_Arad
    ㄴ You can select up to 3 guild traits.


  • If you write a guild introduction and select Register on Advertisement Bulletin Board, your introduction will be registered on the Bulletin Board.
    - A guild introduction can contain up to 80 English alphabets.


  • In Guildsman Settings, you can set up your guildsmen's ranks and permissions.
    - In the list in Guildsman Settings, click a character name to change its guildsman rank.
    - Use the Magnifier button at the bottom of the Guildsman Settings window to look up guildsmen.
    - The Guild Master authority can only be transferred to a Deputy Guild Master.
    - The old guildsman rank-editing menu in the Guild window will be removed.


  • The following menus will be removed from the Guild window.
    - The Bulletin Board, Contribution, Gold Donation, and Ally Guilds


  • The cooldown period after leaving a guild will be updated.
    - Old: 72 hours after leaving a guild
    - New: After Fatigue is reset at 9 a.m. UTC after leaving a guild.


  • You will no longer lose your Guild Contribution Certificates upon leaving a guild


Guild Advertisement Bulletin Board

  • The Guild Advertisement Bulletin Board will be added to help you view currently recruiting guilds at a glance.
  • You will be able to access the Guild Advertisement Bulletin Board by using the following methods.
    - Non-guildsmen: Guild in the Menu Selection window or its hotkey (;)
    - Guildsmen: Guild Advertisement Bulletin Board button on the upper side of the Guild window


  • You will be able to apply for guilds more easily through the Apply button on the Guild Advertisement Bulletin Board.
    - Guilds whose membership type is Auto will instantly accept new members without going through an approval process.
    - Guilds whose membership type is Approval-based will accept new members after they are approved by their administrators, just like before.


  • The Guild Advertisement Bulletin Board only displays the guilds whose master has registered their guild introduction message on the Bulletin Board through Guild Settings.
    - But you can look up all the available guilds, regardless of the availability of their introduction messages, by entering guild/guild master names in the Search field.


  • The Guild Trait Search menu will be added to help you quickly find the guild you want.
    - 7 guild traits are available: #Buddy, #Noobfriendly, #Grind, #Raid, #PvP, #Solo, and #Pro_Arad
    - You can select up to 3 traits at a time.
    - Guild traits can be set up in Guild Settings. (Guild masters only)


  • You can check the list of guilds that other characters on your account have joined through the My Account Guild tab.


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DFO Time Converter

DFO’s server use’s UTC as the standard time.

However, you can use this feature to convert

the UTC time to your local time.

This will allow you to keep track of important things

such as start/end of events, expiration of

event/sale items, etc. in your local time.

This setting will only be applied to the current

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