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  • Servant Lance
    - Now lances can be fired automatically.
    - This Auto-fire option can be toggled on/off.
    - Lances are auto-fired, depending on this skill's shooting cooldown.
    - Servant lances' Piercing Strength will be adjusted to 100%.
  • Buffalo Fall
    - Its basic charging distance will be decreased.
    - Now you can use it with the Forward key to charge farther.
  • Drilling Neck
    - This skill will be deleted and replaced by the Servant Lance: Engager skill.
  • Drilling Neck Upgrade
    - This skill will be deleted and replaced by the Servant Lance: Engager Upgrade skill.
  • Servant Lance: Engager (New Skill)
    - This new Active skill replaces Drilling Neck.
    - Shoots spinning Servant lances at enemies in front. These Servant lances attack multiple times, travel a certain distance, and then return, dragging their targets to a certain location along the way.
    - Can be used in the middle of other skills. In this case, it's cast instantly without the casting animation.
  • Servant Lance: Engager Upgrade (New Skill)
    - This new Passive skill replaces Drilling Neck Upgrade.
  • Ram Fence
    - The fences will combine with each other more quickly now.
    - Now the fences will only hit once instead of multiple times as they combine.
    - Their multi-hit/explosion Atk. will be adjusted according to this hit count change.
  • Head Penetration
    - Its landing location range and landing speed will be increased.
    - The ground-crashing Atk. and the magic lance Atk. will be combined into landing crashing Atk.
    - Now it will display its Holding area as you crash onto the ground.
    - Now you can instantly land by using the skill or Attack key.
  • Scale Grinder
    - The multi-hit attack's two-way Immobility value will be adjusted.
  • Dragon Slayer
    - Its skill option description will now include how your landing location changes depending on the key you use.
  • Fountain of Power
    - Servant Lance Piercing Rate will be deleted.
    - Now it will also increase Attack Speed and Hit Rate.
    - Attack Speed Fixed Value: 10%
    - Hit Rate Fixed Value: 5%
  • Deadly Charge
    - Now it will also skewer and Hold its target with a Servant lance.
  • Chronicle Equipment
    - Drilling Neck options for the Cracked Dimensional Auras will be replaced with Servant Lance: Engager options.
    - Drilling Neck options for the Beginning of Hunting, Ruler of the Sky, and Monster Hunter's Secret sets will be replaced with Servant Lance: Engager options.
    - The option details are the same as before.


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