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  • Minions
    - Atk. for all minions, except for Contract: Conqueror Kasijas and Legendary Summon: War Maiden Lamos, will be adjusted.
    ㄴ Their Basic Pattern Atk. will be decreased by 22.87%.
    ㄴ Their Additional Control Pattern Atk. will be increased by 20%.
    - Contract: Conqueror Kasijas
    ㄴ Now lasts for 90 seconds across all levels.
    - Legendary Summon: War Maiden Lamos
    ㄴ Now its summon duration will be affected by your Casting Speed.


  • Lasher
    - Its Attack/Movement Speed bonuses for your party will be adjusted. (+5% at all levels)


  • Spirit: Fusion Spirit Hailom
    - Now Invincibility will be properly applied on minions summoned while Hailom is present and Wait! is in effect.


  • Loop of Domination
    - Its Clear Cube Fragment cost will be decreased. (2 → 1)


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