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Raid Common, Raid Shop

Raid Common

  • The Account-based Entry limit for the Anton/Luke Raids will be deleted. Instead, you can now enter each Raid twice a week per character.
  • Group/Solo Anton Raids: You can select Wednesday, Saturday, or Sunday to clear one of these Raids once a day, up to twice a week, per character. (Clearance count is shared between the Raids.)
  • Group/Solo Luke Raid and Luke Raid - Hard Mode: You can select Thursday, Saturday, or Sunday to clear one of these Raids once a day, up to twice a week, per character. (Clearance count shared)
    ㄴ Once a character clears them twice, it can't enter Raid channels, create or invite to Raid Groups, or register on the Wait List for the cleared Raid types.
    ㄴ The Luke Raid - Hard mode can be cleared 6 times a week per account.
  • All your Raid Entry records will be reset every Tuesday at 9:00 UTC
  • Raid Entry count-related effects will be removed from the Explorer Club Attributes.


  • You can check your Raid Clearance count in the Character Selection screen and the Raid Channel Selection window.
  • You can check your Weekly Raid Clearance status per character in the Character Selection screen.
  • Bring the cursor over a character in the Character Selection Screen, and it will be displayed in the Weekly Content Status at the bottom of your Daily Content Status window.
  • These statuses are always displayed, even if the Raids are not opened, but not for the characters that do not meet the Raids' Level requirement.


Raid Shop

  • A new item, Fateful Determination, will be added.
  • This item binds to your account, and can be used at the Loot Shop inside the Raid Shop.
  • Can be obtained from the Anton/Luke Raids.
Raid Type Fateful Determination
Luke Raid Hard Mode 100
Normal (8 players) 100
Solo 80
Anton Raid Normal (20 players) 75
Solo 60
  • You can get up to 2,000 Fateful Determinations per account every week.
  • Your weekly acquisition record will be reset every Tuesday at 9:00 UTC
  • Because of the addition of Fateful Determination, Demon Invitations and Epic equipment will be removed from the Anton Raid Reward List.


  • Raid-related items in the Woon Lyonir, Eventful Erica, and Naen Siger Shops will be removed and transferred to the new system, Raid Shop.
  • The Raid Shop that specializes in Anton/Luke Raid items will be added.
  • You can access this new shop through the System Menu (ESC) > Raid Shop, or the NPCs Woon Lyonir, Eventful Erica, and Naen Siger.
  • The Raid Shop can be assigned to a hotkey, and it's only accessible while you're in town.
  • Now the Raid Entry materials can only be purchased in the corresponding Raid channels, and their Daily Purchase limit will be deleted.
  • Powerful Energy Absorption Blocker Box: Anton Raid channel
  • Black and White Protection Box: Luke Raid channel
  • The Raid Shop consists of the Anton, Luke, Loot, and Special Reward tabs.
  • Anton: Sells the Anton Raid Entry materials and Anton Raid-related supplies.
  • Luke: Sells the Luke Raid Entry materials and Luke Raid-related supplies.
    - Certain products will be updated.


  • (New) Loot Shop

- 40 of the new reward item, Fateful Determination, can be used to buy a Demon Invitation Box (160).
- Each character can buy up to 8 Demon Invitation Box (160) a week.
- Your Loot Shop Purchase count will be reset every Tuesday at 9:00 UTC


  • (New) Special Reward
    - Luke Raid: You can check the Hard Mode missions and get rewards.
    - Luke Raid: If you clear a Hard Mode mission, then the Get Reward button will be activated.
    - You can preview each reward by bringing the cursor over it.


  • Certain Material items' tooltips will be updated because of the addition of the Raid Shop.


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