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Arena Additional Updates

Placement Matches

Due to the Tier System being account-based, Placement Matches will be enacted for each account.



New Maps Added

The Personal and Common Lobby maps will be updated.

2 new maps (Sky Nest and Altar of Truth) will be added.



UI Improved

  • The following Arena UI will be updated.
  • Select Matching Mode.


  • Practice Arena



  • My Info




Arena Quest Changes

  • The following quests will be deleted.    
    - [1:1] Checking Condition
    - [1:1] Satisfactory Victory
  • The Albert's Skill quests will be updated.
    - They will be combined into a single quest, and their completion condition will be changed to the completion of the Ring of Combat (5/5) quest.



Deleted Content/Systems

  • Arena Characters
    - Arena characters can no longer be created.    
    - The existing Arena characters can be converted to Normal characters by completing Arena missions.


  • Coliseum        
    - The Coliseum and its manager, NPC Haru, will be deleted.    


  • Fatigue Consumption System        
    - The Fatigue Consumption System will be deleted, and Gold and Dungeon EXP can no longer be gained in the Arena.  


  • Avatar Distribution System        
    - Avatars will no longer be distributed upon entering the Arena.    


  • Arena Equipment Preset System        
    - The system will be deleted that enabled you to automatically switch to your previously used equipment upon entering the Arena.    



Additional Changes

  • Item- Agent weapons have been added to the Arena Weapon Box.
  • System- The X key has been added as a hotkey for Matching.
  • System- The F12 key had been added as a hotkey to escape from arena practicing or the Practice Arena.
  • System- Neo: Awakened Buff cutscenes will no longer be displayed in the Arena.
  • System- Emoticons can now be used during Arena matches. (Cooldown: 10 sec.)
  • System- Arena-related achievements in the Title Book will no longer be able to be cleared. The Arena tab will be renamed as (Former) Arena
  • System- The requirement for registering Replays will be readjusted to Silver 2 Tier.
  • Captain Mode- The camera will be adjusted automatically to the next tagging contestant.



Bug Fixes

  • Brawler (Common)- An issue which cause characters to sometimes stiffen after casting Raging Vulcan has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where character portraits would overlap when two characters tag request at the same time.
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