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Dungeon Play Improvement


  • Entry days for Ispins, the Usurped Lands will be changed.
    - Before - Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
    - After - Always Open
  • You can now reselect the operation you want upon entering the content.
    - You can change your operation up to 4 times per entry.
    - You can only reselect among the operations that already have appeared previously.
  • Some Operation messages will be updated.
  • In the Solo mode, Black Dragon Neiser will now generate the blue flowers less frequently than before.
  • Gold Dragon Numak's Ethereal Radiance pattern will now be finished more quickly.
  • Flame Dragon Ash Core's attack range will now be narrowed down during certain attack patterns.
  • The dungeons will now be cleared as soon as monsters are eliminated.
  • Completing the Level 3 mission will now add a chance of a Golden Beryl Box (500) to the existing Gold Card appearance chance.



Noblesse Code

  • Now, the character that used the ticket to enter the content will get 2 Reward slots by default upon clearing it.
  • You can now select characters to compare their obtained items while distributing rewards.

  • Follow Channel will now be applied to the content channel.
  • The Finish Distribution button will now be activated upon distributing at least 1 item.



Destroyed Castle of the Dead

  • Atk. and HP will be decreased for all monsters on Expert mode.
  • Revived Gold Clown's Def. will be adjusted, depending on the difficulty level of the Destroyed Castle of the Dead (Expert or harder).
  • Abyss Walker's reactive shield counterattack Atk. will be adjusted.
  • Gold Clown's Phase 1 object can no longer be destroyed by objects summoned by Equipment items.
  • The Retry menu will be added. The dungeon will now load more quickly when retried.


  • Gold Clown, Becky, Kalbarri, and Golgotha will no longer appear on the edges of the map.
  • Buffs that last for 99 battles will be added.
    - 2 buffs (Skill Atk. Bonus and Skill Cooldown Reduction) will randomly appear in certain locations.
    - These buffs have the same effects as the existing buffs and disappear when reconfigured or reset.



The Meister's Laboratory Improvement

  • The count down at the beginning of the dungeon will be deleted.
  • The Retry menu will be added. The dungeon will now load more quickly when retried.

  • Atk. and HP will be decreased for all monsters on Normal mode.
  • HP will be decreased for all monsters on Expert and Master modes.


Deterrence Operation

  • You can now skip the Deterrence operation.
    - After the operation starts, you can skip it through NPC Meister Curio in the map.
    - All your party members must agree to skip it.
    - If you skip the Deterrence operation, you'll enter the Infiltration operation without the benefits you can get, depending on the Gaebolg parts you destroy.
  • The maximum wait time for entering a vehicle will be chanted to 1 minute.
  • The EF-MK1 vehicle's jump height will be increased.
  • Gaebolg's damage will be decreased.
  • Gaebolg's Both-handed Slam attack will now hit you only if you're within the Attack Sign area.
  • The Antiaircraft Gun AI's target-changing cooldown will be decreased in the Solo mode.
  • The Antiaircraft Gun AI's Atk. and missile object damage will be increased.


Infiltration Operation

  • Certain Path Gate areas will be expanded.
  • The default computer-hacking time will be increased slightly.
  • The basic computer-hacking count will be decreased by 1.
  • The Malfunction system will be updated.
    - It will no longer drop a missile when you successfully hack into the system.
    - If you successfully hack into the system, a green drone will follow you around. If you encounter a Boss monster other than GB-2 Identität, it'll bombard the monster with missiles, and then explode itself.
  • Normal Monsters
    - The enhanced Normal monster Zeolith's HP will be decreased.
  • GB-4 Dirigent
    - The lightning attacks will cause a longer delay, and their Atk. will be decreased.
    - The orbs will appear less frequently than before, and their effect values will be adjusted to match this update.
  • GB-3 Energie
    - The HP bar will be added to the prison that appears when you obtain an excessive amount of Abyss Fragments without destroying parts.
    - Its Dash pattern will now incur pre- and post-casting delay.
    - Certain attack patterns' damage will be decreased.
    - The lightning bolts that drop, depending on the number of Abyss pillars, will now appear less frequently.
    - The lightning bolts that drop, depending on the number of Abyss pillars, will now explode for a longer amount of time.
    - The Abyss Fragments it drops upon death will now add buffs.
  • GB-2 Identität
    - Appearance and cutscene durations will be decreased.
  • GB-1 Haps
    - The Clock pattern's cutscene duration will be decreased, and the Clock tile will appear more quickly.
    └ In Phase 2, the Clock pattern's casting will begin when the monster's HP drops to 40%.
    └ The casting will be paused if the monster is Neutralized during it.
    └ The Clock pattern will be activated at the end of casting.



The Exile Mountains

  • All monsters' Atk. and HP will be decreased.
  • All monsters' Atk. and HP will be adjusted, depending on the number of your party members.
  • You can now select a different dungeon or go back to town upon clearing the Exile Mountains, Night of Chaos, The Wilderness, and the Fortress of Nemesis.



Storm's Wrath

  • All monsters' Atk., HP, and Def. will be decreased on Normal mode.
  • The Nasau Forest and Eternal Flame Lab monsters will be updated on Normal mode.
  • The White Land and Vericollis monsters will be updated on Expert mode.
  • The Storm's Wrath quest and entry location guide will be improved.
  • The [Storm's Wrath] Unknown Rift will now be automatically completed when accepted. 
  • A signpost will be added to the Path Gate from the Philasia to the Stormy Route and Storm's Wrath.
  • The portal inside the Philasia will now display the Stormy Route instead of the Erlox.



Level 110 Normal Dungeons


  • The Level 110 Normal dungeons will now load more quickly when retried.


White Land

  • Angel of Chaos Luciferre
    - The Encroaching Darkness pattern will be adjusted on Hero mode.
      ㄴThe Darkness tile will now recover less quickly than before.
      ㄴNow, it only needs to be neutralized once, regardless of the number of your party members.
    - The twister will now follow characters less quickly than before.
  • Specio
    - Specio's height will be lowered During the Only the Truthful Can See Me pattern.
    - The Patrol pattern will be deleted on Hero mode.
  • Pure Paidion
    - Now, fewer orbs will appear in the map than before during the Orb-spreading pattern.



  • On Hero mode, the gimmick that generates orbs when you hit the Named/Boss monster with Dark attacks will be removed.
  • On Hero mode, Shadow Keepers' Movement Speed will be decreased.
  • Spirits of the Crusade will now display a sign before attacking.
  • Patrols of Light's attack pattern intervals will be adjusted.
    - A delay will be added to the skill that attacks an increasingly broad area with a shout.
  • Lamier of the Holy Fire
    - Oh Hero mode, she'll no longer use Blazing Step on adventurers.
  • Archangel Michael
    - On Hero mode, the His Light Is Your Judge pattern's visibility will be improved.
    - He will now become Groggy upon succeeding the His Light Is Your Judge pattern once.
    - The Step Back! pattern will now explode around where the small orbs appeared.


Canyon Hills

  • Certain objects in the first and third rooms will be deleted.
  • King Destroyer will no longer appear in the second room.
  • The Machine Gun object in the second room will be moved slightly.
  • Certain objects will no longer overlap your character when you approach them.
  • Volt MX_3
    - The Rising pattern will be deleted.
    - Its charging distance will be decreased.
    - It'll no longer appear in Invincible mode.
  • King Destroyer
    - Its charging distance will be decreased.
    - The Two-way Charge pattern will be deleted.


Queen Fallt

  • Patrol Drones will be deleted from certain maps.
  • Mud will be deleted.
  • Patrol Drones will now self-destruct as soon as they attack.
  • Nobility Council Field Commander
    - Neil the Sniper will be changed.
      ㄴNeil the Sniper will be deleted when Nobility Council Field Commander dies.
      ㄴNeil the Sniper will now be deleted if it's interrupted while being cast.
  • Queen Destroyer
    - It'll no longer be Invincible during transformation.
    - Now, it'll come closer to the center of the stage after charging.


King's Cradle

  • Gold Clown
    - HP will be decreased significantly.
    - The Spinning Attack pattern's multi-hit intervals will be increased.
  • Tomboy Becky
    - The Double Charge pattern will be deleted.
    - The Spreading Abyss object will be deleted.
    - Now, she'll stop before reaching the end of the map when charging.


Heblon's Altar

  • Abyss Walker
    - Defeating Kalbarri will now delete the gimmick that attacks from the rear at the beginning of the battle.
    - Defeating Golgotha will now delete the gimmick that generates snow on the ground.
    - The Crumble Away in Misery pattern will be deleted.


Nasau Forest

  • Drachen Lieben will summon fewer monsters than before.
    - Its summoned monsters will now die as soon as Drachen Lieben does even if they're in Hold.
  • The missiles that appear in the map will no longer cause Knockback to player characters.


Eternal Flame Lab

  • Kühle
    - The Ice tiles will now disappear as soon as the monster dies.
  • Kalte Luft
    - Its damage and Freeze chance will be decreased.
    - The orbs it creates will no longer immediately attack the nearby characters.
  • Eternal Flame Captain Stark
    - The charge capsules are now attackable.
      ㄴHitting X at close range will no longer remove them.
    - The drones' appearance intervals will be increased.
    - The Revenge pattern's attack range will be adjusted.




Emergency Mission

  • The Normal Dungeon Monster updates will be applied.



  • The Normal Dungeon Monster updates will be applied.
  • Snipers Adjusted
    - You can now check the Snipers' locations anytime.


Loop of Circulation

  • The Loop of Circulation dungeons will now give 10% more EXP within certain Level ranges.

Circulation Dungeon

Applicable Level Range

Secret Village


Spirit Forest


Underground Waterway


Sky Islands


Mount Hardt


Ocean Rail


Boundary of Time


Control Tower


Immortal Corridors


Blood Lane


Sleepy Hollow



Main Item Option Level Decision

  • Certain content's main reward item option levels will be changed.



Main Item Option Level

    Old New

Normal Dungeon - Hero Mode
















Noblesse Code










Destroyed Castle of the Dead










The Meister's Laboratory














Advanced Dungeon Play Feedback Improvement

Defeating the Advanced Dungeon Middle Boss monsters will now cast a buff that increases the option levels of the Epic equipment dropped from the final Boss monster.

  • This buff stacks up to 4 times and is reset when you clear the dungeon.
  • This buff creates the following effects.
    - Defeated 1 Named: +2 levels to 1 of 4 options on the Boss equipment (Option randomly selected)
    - Defeated 2 Named: +2 levels to 2 of 4 options on the Boss equipment (Options randomly selected)
    - Defeated 3 Named: +2 levels to 3 of 4 options on the Boss equipment (Options randomly selected)
    - Defeated 4 Named: +2 levels to all the options on the Boss equipment


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