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Arad Explorer Club Update

Arad Explorer Club Update

  • Explorer Club has been updated.

    - The Explorer Club UI now consists of the following tabs: Explorer Club Status, Explorer Club Attribute, Explorer Club Expertise, Mercenary and Point Shop.
    - The History area in the Explorer Club status Info tab only reflects your activities after this update.
    - The Explorer Club Expertise tab displays your highest Training Level per Advanced class.
    - You can now check other players' Explorer Club Info.


  • Max Explorer Club Level has been increased to 30.
    - Your current Explorer Club Level will be adjusted according to the new Level standards.
    - Each game account is awarded Explorer Club Level 1 when its first character is created.


  • Explorer Club attributes have been added.
    - Your Explorer Club attributes are automatically decided, depending on your Explorer Club Level.


  • Honor Levels have been merged into Explorer Club Levels.


  • Expertise Levels have been added for max-leveled characters.
    - Expertise Tier: Challenger - Expert - Leader - Guru - Legend - Hero
    - Non-Advanced characters cannot have their Expertise Levels increased.


  • The Mercenary System has been updated.

    - The areas to which you can dispatch your Mercenaries are gradually unlocked as your Explorer Club Level increases.
    - Mercenaries can be dispatched to only one area at a time.
    - Each dungeon requires a different Level, Mercenary Points, and dispatch period.
    - All characters that meet a dungeon's Level requirement can be dispatched to that dungeon.
    - Characters dispatched as a mercenary can be played in dungeons.
    - Your Mercenary Points are affected by your Mercenaries' equipment grades and Avatar Set effects.
    - Your reward increases if the total points of your Mercenaries dispatched to a dungeon exceeds its point requirement.
    - When your Mercenaries return, you can select one of them to receive the dispatch reward.


  • The Supporter and Guild Supporter Systems have been deleted.


  • The Explorer Club Shop has been added.
    - When you earn a certain amount of EXP, you get an Explorer Club Point. You can use these points at the Explorer Club Shop.
    - You get 1 Explorer Shop Point for every 15 million EXP you earn.
    - You can have up to 250 Explorer Club Points at a time. Consume your points whenever you can, so you can get more while leveling.
    - Your purchase count per item is reset at 9:00 a.m. on the first day of each month.
    - Items sold at the Explorer Club Shop cannot be traded. The shop's sale list is changeable if deemed necessary.


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