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Other Updates


  • The Chat window has been improved.
    - The Megaphone area has been added to the Internal Chat window to separate Megaphone mode
    - Filters have been added to the Whisper area in the Internal Chat window to help you sort Whisper messages by sender.
    - Each Internal Chat window tab now displays an alert every time a new message arrives.
    - You can now use different font colors for General, Public, Party, Guild, Whisper, and Attack Unit Chat modes.


  • The following changes have been made to NPC Jonathan's sale list.
    - New products: Essence of the Rift Pouch and Vestige of Hope Pouch
    - Terranium Purchase/Selling count per day/account: 3,000 purchasable and 125 sellable


  • The Cooldown Notifier function has been improved.
    - Its icon now changes its color according to the skill type.


  • The sprite of the Knight's shield, Light and Darkness, has been improved.


  • Overall attack/casting/movement speed of characters have been improved to allow for better game play in dungeons.


  • Basic movement speed of Priest(M), Gunner(M), Mage(M), Mage(F) and Creator has been improved.


  • "STR + 55, INT +55" option has been added to Noblesky White Bijou Bead.


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