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Weapon Reinforcement and Armor Mastery Update

Weapon Reinforcement Update

「To alleviate Reinforcement failure risks, the level at which weapons are destroyed has been changed from +12 to +13. Weapons now also lose 3 Reinforcement levels if a +11 or +12 attempt fails.

* Example 1: If reinforcement from +10 to +11 attempt fails, the resulting weapon Reinforcement level is +7.
* Example 2: If reinforcement from +11 to +12 attempt fails, +8.


The convenience features of Reinforcement have been improved as well. Its UI has been renewed so as to help you check the information about Reinforcement more easily and clearly. You can now reinforce items to up to +11 simply by pressing the Enter key. Reinforcement wait time has been decreased slightly to accelerate the process.」



  • The Weapon Reinforcement effects have been updated.
    - Reinforcing weapons now add Physical/Magical Atk. instead of defense-Piercing Physical/Magical Atk.
    - Reinforcement effects per level have been adjusted to accommodate this change.


  • In line with this change, item options that increase Physical/Magical/Independent Atk. now adds equal amount of Physical/Magical/Independent Atk.
    (Ex. Before: Physical +5/Magical+5/Independent Atk. +2 -> Changed: Physical/Magical/Independent Atk. +5)

    - Magic-sealed Equipment: Physical/Magical/Independent Atk. options
    - Valor Equipment: Physical/Magical/Independent Atk. options
    - Certain Equipment items: Physical/Magical/Independent Atk. options


  • Also in line with this change, equal amount of Physical/Magical/Independent Atk. stat will be gained for reinforcing earrings.


  • Failing to reinforce weapons from +12 to +13 now destroys them.
    - Failing to increase weapons from +10 to +11 or from +11 to +12 no longer destroys them. (Limited to weapons only)
    - Instead, it now decreases their Reinforcement level by 3 levels.
    - Equipment Protection Tickets can now be used on +12 or higher weapons.
    - Reinforcing Armor, Accessories, and Sub Equipment have not been changed.


Class Armor Mastery Update

  • The Female Crusader's Armor Mastery now increases Strength and Intelligence by a higher amount.
    - If equipped with 5 Lv. 90 Epic armor pieces → Final INT Bonus: 222


  • All class Armor Masteries now increase Strength and Intelligence by a higher amount, based on the Asura's and Dark Templar's Armor Masteries.
    - If equipped with 5 Lv. 90 Epic armor pieces → Final STR Bonus: 287.5, Final INT Bonus: 287.5


  • Critical Chance for all class Armor Masteries has been updated as below. 
    Exceptions are: Demon Slayer, Vagabond, Battle Mage, Mistress, Ranger (M/F), Spitfire (M/F), Rogue, Kunoichi, and Shadow Dancer Armor Masteries.
    - If equipped with 5 Lv. 90 Epic armor pieces → Final Critical Chance Bonus: 10%


Basic Armor Mastery Update

  • Basic Armor Mastery now increases the class Armor Masteries' Strength and Intelligence bonuses by a certain amount.
    - STR/INT Bonus: 40%
    - Female Crusader STR/INT Bonus: 50%
    - Critical Bonus: 50%


  • Basic Armor Mastery now covers up to Plate Armor.
    - Expanded Heavy Armor/Plate Masteries now increase Strength, Intelligence, and Critical Chances.


  • The Male Crusader now receives Vitality and Spirit bonuses from Cloth/Leather/Light/Heavy Armor.
    - Final bonus if equipped with 5 Lv. 90 Epic armor pieces
    - 50% of the final SPR bonus from the Armor Mastery
    - The Vitality bonus has not been changed.
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