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Shadow Dancer

Shadow Dancer

  • Assassination Method
    - If Shadow Dancer skills inflict Back Attack damage with a first attack, then now the Back Attack effect will remain until they finish their course.
    - If Shadow Dancer skills Hold enemies, then now their facing directions and locations will not be changed.
    ㄴ Not applied to certain skills with higher priority, e.g., Giant Twister.
  • Shadow Cut
    - Now it will Hold all types of monsters for the Shadow Dancer.
    - Its Hold duration will be fixed to 2 seconds across all levels.
    - Enemies, if Held while in midair, will now come down to the ground.
  • Shadow Cut Upgrade
    - Now it will also increase Shadow Cut's Hold duration and cooldown at Level 1.
    - It will only increase Atk at Level 2 and above.
  • Ankle Cut
    - Its Atk. will be increased by 11%.
  • Shadow Trip
    - Now it will always move you behind your target.
    ㄴ If used from behind an enemy, it will be automatically cast on your current spot.
    - You can still use the direction keys to cast this skill without moving.
  • Shadow Dancing
    - Its area will be increased by 20 px.
    - Now it will last for an unlimited time.
    - Now pressing the skill key again will deactivate it.
    - Its range, shadow image creation intervals, and other options will be applied in real time now.
  • Shadow Decoy
    - Learning Veiled Attack will add the Back Attack effect during Hiding last until this skill ends.
    - Cooldown has been decreased. (12 sec. → 10 sec.)
  • Abyss Drop
    - Its Atk. will be increased by 8%.
  • Covert Operation (New Skill)
    - Enables you to quickly slash at enemies twice, move behind them, and deliver a powerful finishing blow.
    ㄴ If used behind enemies, it will deliver a more powerful finishing blow without moving your character.
    - If canceled by Shadow Trip, the remaining process can't be finished by the shadow image.
  • Blade Cyclone
    - Its enemy-pulling strength and range will be increased.
  • Killing Shadow
    - You can now use the Forward/Down key to launch the finishing attack without moving.
  • Dagger Throw
    - Its Atk. will be increased by 9%.
  • Deadly Dance
    - If hitting an enemy from behind, it will no longer change the enemy's direction.
  • Veiled Attack
    - Now it will enable you to use Shadow Decoy in the middle of Active Shadow Dancer skills.
    ㄴ If Shadow Decoy is used in the middle of a skill, it will instantly Hide you and add the Back Attack effect.
    - If Shadow Decoy is used in the middle of an Active skill, it will release deathly smoke, causing the Veiled Attack effect on enemies on contact.
    - Now it will make your Skill Atk. bonus during Back Attack be applied at all times.
  • Fatal Blitz
    - Its Atk. will be increased by 13%.
    - Back attacks will hit more quickly.
  • Chain Reaction
    - Its duration will be changed. (50 → 60 sec.)
    - Its finishing Atk. against Grab-immune enemies will be increased by 17%.
    - Its chain-releasing/pulling animation will be improved.
    - Now its finishing attack will always be a Back attack.


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