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Additional Updates

Unlock Dark Power

  • Arthur, having succeeded in purifying the Corrupt Energy, can now unlock the Dark Power.
    - If you have them, then you can unlock Dark Power on your Black Sky's Master weapon by consuming the sets through the Unlock Dark Power menu of NPC Arthur in Ashen Grave.
    - If equipped with First Dark Power (Accessory) sets: Unlocked on Slot 1
    - If equipped with Second Dark Power (Special Equipment) sets: Unlocked on Slot 2
    - Dark Power can only be unlocked on the Black Sky's Master weapons, and its graphic effects are especially spectacular for the Manifestation: Black Sky's Master weapons.
    - Dark Power can be unlocked on the same weapon more than once at the cost of more item sets, and but doing so overwrites the existing Dark Power options.


  • Dark Power Options and Activation
    - Dark Power can only be activated in certain character statuses.
    - Each status is set to various effects, but they can't be activated at the same time.

Example: If Phase Shift is activated by First Dark Power in the Attacked status, then the other effects for the same condition—Black Impact, Dimensional Isolation, and Will of the Abyss—can't be activated by Second Dark Power .

- You can use the Equipment Option Control Key to activate Dark Power upon meeting its status condition.
- The following is the available character statuses and effects.

Status Dark Power Effects
Attacked Phase Shift Teleport a certain distance away from your current location.
Enter a direction key while teleporting to adjust your direction.
Cooldown: 40 sec.   
Black Impact Drop Black Impact where you stand. Enemies hit by Black Impact are knocked backward in your facing direction.
Certain enemies can't be knocked backward.            
Cooldown: 10 sec.
Dimensional Isolation Cast Dimensional Isolation and become Invincible for 2 seconds.
This Invincibility effect can't deflect certain special attacks or Crowd Control effects.
Cooldown: 85 sec.
Will of the Abyss Cast Will of the Abyss for 15 seconds to become Super Armor and decrease incoming damage by 15%.
Cooldown: 30 sec.
Black Wind Sprint Cast Black Wind and sprint forward.    
Cooldown: 20 sec.
Teleport Teleport a certain distance away.
Enter a direction key while teleporting to adjust your direction.
Cooldown: 25 sec.
Enlarge Grow bigger and create special effects for 25 seconds.
  1. Incoming damage -10% and Super Armor
  2. Skills and Basic Attack disabled. Movement Speed -20%
  3. Shock waves while dashing and upon landing after jumping
Cooldown: 80 sec.
Life Feather Drop multiple Life Feathers in front of you.
These feathers remain for 15 seconds, restoring HP or MP on contact.
Cooldown: 120 sec.
Jumping Black Wings Cast Black Wings and fly for 5 seconds.
Enter the Dash key while flying to perform up to 2 aerial dashes.
While flying, you can use skills that can be used in midair.
Cooldown: 40 sec.
Leap Double-jump.
Can only be used once while in midair.
Cooldown: 3 sec.
Supergravity Shock Wave Cast Supergravity, vertically crashing onto the ground. A shock wave is generated as you crash, attacking enemies.
Cooldown: 15 sec.
Black Storm Ride a black storm and float at a certain height for 8 seconds.
While riding, you can use the power of the storm to pull surrounding enemies and attack them multiple times.
Cooldown: 60 sec.
Quick Rebound Black Blessing Cast Black Blessing and quickly recover 30% of your HP.
Cooldown: 50 sec.
Black Protection Cast Black Protection and quickly recover 50% of your HP.
Cooldown: 60 sec.
Concentrated Light Cast Concentrated Light around you for 10 seconds.
For you, it casts Super Armor and decreases incoming damage by 10%. For allies within a 300 px range, it increases Attack/Movement/Casting Speeds by 8% and Max HP/MP by 500.
Its aura remains for a while, even if you go out of range.
Cooldown: 40 sec.
Shadow Walk Cast Shadow Walk and move while Invincible for 2.5 seconds or up to 550 px.
This Invincibility effect can't deflect certain special attacks or Crowd Control effects.
Cooldown: 30 sec.
Attacking Void Area Cast Void Area for 8 seconds.
A void area appears 300 px in front of you, pulling enemies in a broad area and attacking those within range multiple times.
Cooldown: 80 sec.
Soul Cutter Cast Soul Cutter that inflicts great damage.
Cooldown: 45 sec.
Black Squall Cast Black Squall that quickly and repeatedly attacks enemies for 6 seconds.
The black squall is automatically generated on the strongest enemy within 1,200 px.
Cooldown: 50 sec.
Darkness Activation Cast Darkness Activation and increase your Movement Speed by 20%.
Cooldown: 55 sec.


  • Dark Power cools down in advance if you change Black Sky's Master/Manifestation: Black Sky's Master weapons in dungeons.
  • All the Dark Power effects are disabled in dungeons at Monster Level 135 or above.




Clear Gold Rewards and Item Drop

  • The Clear Results Card rewards will be decreased for Power Station, Zelva, and Kulundal.
  • The rewards for defeating the Watchers of Natram will be updated.
    - The Clear Time-based Nen Crystal Reward System will be deleted.
    - Boss monsters will now drop 2 Nen Crystals when defeated.
    - Boss monsters will now drop 5 Refined Nen Crystals when defeated.
  • The Results Card reward decrease based on the Level difference will be reinforced.




Prey-Isys Raid Bug Fixes

  • Now you can move to Slenikon's back without fail upon rejoining the Raid.
  • Now the Item Shop will no longer be abnormally accessible from the Raid Results screen.
  • Now the My Wind Shall Cleave the Sky pattern by Prey-Isys in the Sky Nest will always end properly.
  • Now Prey-Isys in the Sky Nest will no longer randomly activate patterns in a consecutive manner.
  • Now Celestial Archer Alexandra in the Sanctum of Destruction will always use her Critical Arrow pattern.
  • Now Plunderer Rossol in the Sanctum of Corruption will always enter Berserk mode after casting the Rossol's Cursed Eye pattern, even if no user is alive.
  • Now Star Guardian Zodiac in the Starlit Sanctum will no longer randomly attack the target character of its Link pattern.
  • Now Star Guardian Zodiac in the Starlit Sanctum will no longer randomly display the wrong rotation radius during its Link Circle pattern.
  • Now Aries Kelly in Magic Tower Tranquil will always use its Teleport and Barrier patterns at the same time.
  • Moonbow Eike in Slenikon Defense will no longer generate feathers in inaccessible areas.
  • Now the cursor will no longer move abnormally after you leave the Sky Nest.




Skin Storage

  • The following updates and bug fixes will be applied to the Skin Storage.
    - The Party Frame, Damage Font, and Awakening Cutscene lists will now display use restriction.
    - Account-common Skins: bind to account
    - Character-specific Skins: bind to character
    - You can now use the mouse wheel to move between pages in your Skin list.
    - Now the Damage Font tab will play the Damage Font animation in the Preview pane when selected.
    - The misspelled text on the Skin Storage button will be corrected.
    - Now the Skin Storage button tooltip will no longer abnormally remain when the inventory is closed.





  • Information about nonrefundable Raid Shop items will be added.
  • In the Arena, the Female Gunner's Aerial Fire will now increase the maximum number of shots per weapon by the same amount across all levels.
    - Revolver: 4
    - Auto Gun: 6
    - Musket: 3
    - Hand Cannon: 2
    - Bowgun: 7


  • The Area Unique/Legendary items sold by NPC Red Witch in Central Park can now be disassembled.
    - If you already have Reconstruction weapons, Terra: Reconstruction weapons, and the 3 Area Legendary accessories, then they can also be disassembled.
    - These items do not yield Legendary/Unique Souls when disassembled.


  • Jonathan's sale list will be updated.
  • Pumpkin Ball's sale list will be updated.


  • Item options and tooltip information will be updated as per the new character balance changes.


  • The Dialogue UI will be renewed.


  • Item Shop: Changing characters will now reset the items in your cart.


  • Certain objects in the Metal Brakium dungeon will be relocated.


  • The Friend Whisper menu will be deleted from the Explorer Club Friend List.
    - Explorer Club Whisper will be retained.


  • New products will be added to the Fiend War Raid Shop.
Item Grade Options Trade  Type Purchase Price
Mask Knight Card Legendary (Weapon) Casting Speed +7%
(Upgrade: None)
Trade Count: 1 (Binds to account) Antimatter Particle 150 Count
(Purchasable twice a week)


  • Aberrant Crystalline's and Purged Aberrant Crystalline's image will be updated for better recognizability.
  • Nonrefundable items in the Undaunted Determination Shop will now feature the text, "Cannot refund," beneath them.
  • Nonrefundable and untradeable items in the Raid Shops will now feature the text, "Cannot refund," beneath them.




Other Bug Fixes


  • The Boss Room in the Interdimensional Rift - Outside the Dark Side map will no longer have 2 Michael's crosses stuck in the ground.
  • Michael in the Interdimensional Rift - Dark Side map will now display his Open Eyes pattern message in the center of the screen.
  • The West Coast Dock will now properly display the Path Gate effect.
  • The Gold Card obtained in the Dungeon Results screen will no longer randomly display the "Not enough Gold" message.
  • The Change channel from the current location menu in System Settings will now function properly in Ashen Grave.
  • Your party members' characters will no longer randomly disappear in the Tayberrs - Golden Star Scenario dungeon.
  • Forest's Blessing will now be properly activated in the Heavenly Chasm.
  • The Ruhos's Engineering Supply Crate UI will no longer randomly disable mouse click when opened.
  • In Anton Subjugation - Black Volcano, Mateka's Chinese character orbs will no longer change their Chinese characters when added to the pentacle.
  • Certain Fiend War Boss monsters will no longer abnormally cancel damage-type Abnormal Status effects and Crawling Mist upon entering Berserk mode.
  • Now all the Harlem dungeons will properly drop Rusty Iron Scraps and other Crafting materials.
  • Blossom in the Prey-Isys Raid will no longer abnormally generate explosive objectives during her Clone pattern.
  • Golden Wing Tritura in the Prey-Isys Raid will no longer cause errors if his minions are attacked during the Try to Stop Me! pattern.
  • Fiend War: The turret-related misspellings in the Status Board tips will be corrected.
  • A Golem Soul will no longer appear in town if you encounter a Golem in the Golem Tower and move to town without defeating it.
  • The Tayberrs and Operation: Hope dungeons will now correctly display your remaining Daily and Weekly Entry count.
  • Moving to the Normal Dungeon Selection screen after Hell Party will now properly auto-select your previous dungeon and difficulty level.
  • In Anton Subjugation, Grinder Ator will no longer randomly drop Lami Leaves.
  • Certain Boss monsters in Assault mode will no longer mute sound when defeated.
  • The Tayberrs dungeon will no longer randomly spawn Invincible monsters.
  • Scarbelly's Sleep gas will now disappear properly during the Train Defense mission inside the Iron Scale dungeon in the Oceanic Express area.
  • Hendon Myre will no longer display the old Gate effect at the entrance to the Training Center and the Arena.
  • McCrory in the Fight Club, if Held as soon as it enters, will now generate a barrier after the Holding duration.
  • Berserk, if canceling your character action upon activation, will no longer cause process errors during certain skills.
  • NPC Pai will now properly display dialogue during the Operation: Hope] Pursue the Kashipas quest.
  • Random Hell Party mode inside the Guild Dungeons will now properly display the Hell Party pillar.
  • Cumulonimbus's Dragon Frenzy! pattern will no longer cause the dragon to move abnormally.
  • Fiend War: Healing items can no longer be abnormally used in the Outpost Boss Room where Schrodinger appears.
  • The damage bonus from certain Raid dungeons after they are cleared will no longer abnormally increase your equipment's damage on objects.
    - Fiend War Raid: Turrets and radars
    - Isys Raid: Magic Garden and Floating Garden
  • Fiend War: Fusion-type Fiends will now properly play all their skill sounds.
  • Certain minions will no longer use abnormal Atk. for certain attack patterns inside the Fiend War Raid and Isys Raid dungeons.
    - Part of the system that controls monsters' Atk. was incorrectly applied to minions.





  • The mouse wheel will now properly function in the External Chat window.
  • Mana Extractors, if your Material inventory is full, will no longer display the incorrect pop-up window.
  • Personal Enchanter Shops, if upgraded while opened for business, will now properly renew their available Enchanting Levels.
  • Quests: The Navigation function to and from Harlem through the Dock will now function properly.
  • Profession Shops can no longer be set up in restricted areas.
  • Upgrading Sky Legacy weapons at less than 100% equipment grade to Black Sky's Master weapons will no longer randomly decrease their grade value by a small amount.
  • Deleting blocked characters will no longer display the wrong character and Advanced Class names in the Blocked List.
  • The Otherversal Equipment items can no longer be abnormally registered in the Imprint Black Sky's Power or Temporal Ability menu.
  • The Blue/Red/Purple/Black Bat Aura Avatars will no longer display abnormal images during certain actions.
  • The window that enables you to select and confirm chest contents will no longer cause display errors if content names go over 3 lines.
  • The Amplification Asran 6/9-piece sets will no longer abnormally increase Mana Burst Atk.
  • Entering the Imperial Arena on a team of two characters with the same name, but on different servers, will no longer cause the client program to crash.
  • Skin Creatures will no longer function abnormally if you use certain skills (Mega Drill, etc.) and ride a mount to the next map in dungeons.
  • The Look for Attack Unit menu will no longer be abnormally displayed if you hide it through the Edit Menu function in the Raid channel.
  • Ashen Grave NPC Niu will now properly display her world bubble dialogue without missing any text.
  • Characters will no longer randomly get stuck in Ashen Grave.
  • The Monster Type information will now be displayed correctly.
  • Chat messages will no longer randomly become invisible.
  • The Undaunted Determination Shop will no longer allow its customers to select items past the max purchase limit.
  • Sort-locked items will no longer lose their Lock display when moved from the inventory to the Storage.
  • Dark Zone skills, if cast simultaneously, will no longer cancel out each other's Dark Zone effect.
  • Clone Avatars: Cloned Red/Blue Inferno Set designs will now properly display their Set effects inside dungeons.
  • The cooldown values of skills in your shortcut window will no longer abnormally disappear while you change maps or during the countdown.
  • Creatures will no longer disappear if you change maps during Black Storm or Black Wings by the Dark Power.
  • You can now create and join Raid Groups without fail after leaving a Raid Group or failing it.
  • The Chat option, I Only Want To See Friends, will now properly send whispers containing item hyperlinks.
  • Switching between client windows will no longer scroll up/down on the TP Skill pages.
  • Your Raid Chest Use count will no longer change abnormally if your client program crashes during a Raid and the Raid fails within the next 5 minutes.
  • Skills can no longer be used to move to inaccessible areas during the Nighttime Skyscraper quest.
  • Cards, when upgraded through crafting, will now be properly displayed in the UI pop-up windows.
  • Size Reduction/Increase Costumes will no longer display your pre-transformation images.
  • Entering the Echon dungeon in a party with a character with zero Echon Dungeon Entry count left will no longer display party member messages to the party leader.
  • Certain objects will no longer cancel your remaining Invincibility duration when summoned.
  • Certain Buff Skill effects will no longer increase equipment's damage on objects.
  • Playing in a party will no longer reset your Hell Party gauge.
  • Certain weapons will no longer play abnormal sounds when equipped.
  • Characters will now resurrect with the correct amounts of HP and MP inside dungeons.
  • Arena: Clicking other characters in the Lobby will now properly display the Character menu.
  • Item Set information will now include the correct Buff Enhancement slot equipment information.
  • The Item Shop inventory will no longer randomly display incorrect item quantities.
  • The Imperial Arena Rank rewards are now always issued properly.





  • Among the options for certain Level 95 Crosses (Sky Legacy Power - Cross, Black Sky's Master - Cross, and Manifestation: Black Sky's Master - Cross), those that increase Sign of Protection/Heaven's Melody ranges will now be applied properly.
  • Among the options for the Level 65 Unique Cross, Recovery Cross, the one that increases Healing Prayer range will now be applied properly.
  • Certain weapons will no longer display abnormal images.
  • Certain Abnormal Status Removal Potions will no longer abnormally cancel character buffs.
  • The Level 85 Epic Cloth Shoes, Soul Burn Shoes, will now include the missing parentheses.
  • The Level 85 Legendary Rosary, Kartel's Black Steel Rosary, and the Level 82 Legendary Rosary, (Old) Kartel's Black Steel Rosary, will now display proper tooltip information.
  • The Frost Spear option by Eternal Frozen Land Guardian Set tops and bottoms will now be affected by your Effect Opacity setting in Settings.
  • Using a mixture of Life and Death of All Things and Dark Power Set items will no longer display the incorrect Set names and images on the buff icons.
  • Switching to the same weapon as your current weapon will no longer cause Enhancement effect errors.
  • The following Black Sky's Master weapons will no longer display the incorrect images when you walk or dash while equipped with them.
    - Black Sky's Master - Broomstick
    - Black Sky's Master - Cross
    - Manifestation: Black Sky's Master - Broomstick
    - Manifestation: Black Sky's Master - Cross
  • The Level 60 Epic Knuckle, Air Bending Fist, will no longer abnormally apply some of its options when unequipped.
  • The Level 60 Epic Knuckle, Air Bending Fist, will now properly display the missing information, "(Options canceled when unequipped)."
  • Temporal Ability can no longer be abnormally unlocked on unrepaired Tayberrs Epic items.
  • Supertemporal equipment, when unequipped, will no longer display the incorrect Set Options tooltip.
  • Devourer's effect change will now also be applied properly inside the Harlem dungeons.
  • The Giant Nugol orb by Nugol's Hidden Eye will no longer function abnormally at a certain height.
  • Sky Legacy - Hand Cannon will now properly display its images.
  • The Level 85 Legendary Accessory Set, Gigantic Presence Energy, will now include the missing information about the applicable levels for the Cooldown Reduction effect.
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