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Additional Changes


Item options and tooltip information will be updated as per the new character balance changes.

  • The following Crosses will now provide the same options as other weapons in the same series. (Their old options will become Crusader-only options.)
Item List

Savior's Glory: Cross (Level 85 Epic Cross)
Savior's Triumph: Cross (Level 90 Epic Cross)
Sky Legacy Power - Cross (Level 95 Epic Cross)
Black Sky's Master - Cross (Level 95 Epic Cross)
Manifestation: Black Sky's Master - Cross (Level 95 Epic Cross)

  • The Female Crusader's Atk. bonus options for Revelation: Crusade and Crux of Victoria will be deleted.
  • The INT, VIT, and SPI item options will be changed to a Revelation: Aria INT bonus and a Grace of Protection VIT/SPI bonus.
  • The Crusader options will no longer be applied to Male Crusaders upon learning Holy Ghost Mace.


  • Certain Plate Armor Sets will no longer provide the Revelation: Crusade-related options.
Item List

Seven Sins of Corruption Set (Level 90 Epic Plate Armor Set)
Level 95 Tayberrs Plate Armor Set
Level 95 Supertemporal Plate Armor Set

  • The Level 75 Unique Cross, Essence Cross of Boiling Blood, will no longer increase Valor Blessing Skill Atk.





  • The following Emblems will be added to the Avatar Dismantlement/Crafting Results list.
    - Vagabond: Platinum Emblem [Chain Blast]
    - Spitfire (F): Platinum Emblem [Nitro Motor]
    - Elemental Bomber: Platinum Emblem [Elemental Fusion]
    - Striker (M): Platinum Emblem [Flash Strike]
    - Specialist: Platinum Emblem [Injection]
    - Mistress: Platinum Emblem [Sin Awakening Touch]
    - Dualist: Platinum Emblem [Mirage Boost]
    - Impaler: Platinum Emblem [Killer Lance]


  • The following Title Bead skills will be added.
    - Spitfire (F): Nitro Motor


  • The following Platinum Emblem/Title Bead skills will be added.
    - Striker (M): Flash Strike
    - Skirmisher: Mirage Boost
    - Impaler: Killer Lance


  • Certain Platinum Emblems and Title Bead skills will be changed as follows.
Class Before After
Elemental Bomber Elemental Shield Elemental Fusion
Vagabond Ignite Chain Blast
Exorcist Oblivion Hammer Dragon Quake


  • Certain Avatar Top Selection skills will be changed as follows.
Class Old Change
Elemental Bomber Elemental Fusion Added
Vagabond Ignite Deleted
Vagabond Chain Blast Added
Spitfire (F) Nitro Motor Added
Striker (M) Flash Strike Added
Berserker Bloody Rose Deleted
Berserker Fatal Blood Added
Skirmisher Mirage Boost Added
Impaler Killer Lance Added
Exorcist Oblivion Hammer Deleted
Exorcist Dragon Quake Added
Specialist Injection Added
Mistress Sin Awakening Touch Added




Character Bug Fixes


  • Male Slayer
    - Hellkarium Evloire will no longer disable Ghost Slash.
  • Soul Bender
    - Afterimage of Keiga Upgrade (TP) will no longer abnormally apply Basic Atk. and Dash Atk.
  • Ghostblade
    - Spectral Eradication will now properly display its basic skill command.
    - Soul Cross, if canceled while cast, will no longer abnormally disable the Ghost skills.
    - Using Ghost skills in a consecutive manner will no longer cause the precedent Ghost's image to linger.​


  • Female Slayer
    - Sword Barrier will no longer abnormally facilitate the immediate use of other skills after deflecting enemy attacks.​



  • Female Brawler
    - The 1st Awakening quest, Unending Foreboding, will no longer abnormally add Poisonous Explosive Hook when completed.
    - Heaven's Net will no longer abnormally stiffen UM-9 Electrons.
  • Male Nen Master
    - Lion of Suju will no longer apply an abnormal explosion range bonus at Level 9.
    - The Resplendent Form skill tooltip errors will be corrected.



  • Female Mechanic
    - G-SP Falcon's Raptor form will now be properly applied to APCs.
    - Viper Upgrade will no longer cause EX-S Viper tooltip errors.



  • Summoner
    - Relogging in after customizing certain skill commands will no longer partially reset the commands at random.
    - Fusion Spirit Hailom's Summoner Elemental Damage bonus will now be properly affected by certain items' conditional skill level bonus in real time.
  • Male Mage
    - Flame Shield will no longer apply abnormal hits when used within a certain range.
    - Flame Shield's hits will no longer be disabled after the first one.


  • Avenger
    - Using Disaster in Demonized form will no longer abnormally apply the Dark Zone effect



  • Necromancer
    - Nicholas will no longer abnormally receive damage from Cosmo Fiend Rosen's attack patterns while in Guard mode.
  • Shadow Dancer
    - Deadly Dance, if canceled while cast, will no longer make you land in Jump mode.



  • Elven Knight
    - Moving in the Operation dungeons while in Shield Defense mode will no longer cause the client program to crash.


Creator, Dark Knight

  • Creator
    - Playing in a party will no longer apply an abnormal amount of Atk. to Creative Space's simultaneous explosion attack.​


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