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Convenience Improvement


Added more ways of obtaining Refined Terranium

  • You can now buy Refined Terraniums at more shops.
    - Refined Terraniums will be added to Pumpkin Ball's Trade Terranium menu.
    - The Trade Terranium menu will be added to Mask Knight and Arthur in normal channels.
Refined Terraniums are now available in a greater variety of places.
Try not to confuse them with Pentacles at Pumpkin Ball's Shop!



Common Card Albums

  • Common Card Albums found in the Tower of Dazzlement will now bind to your account.

You can now save them all on a single character for easy management!



Convenience Improvement when Upgrading Equipment

  • You can now immediately unequip your current Equipment items to use Mask Knight's and Arthur's equipment-related menus (Upgrade Equipment, Imprint Equipment Ability, and Unlock Dark Power [Arthur only]).



Compare Equipment Option in Buff Window

In the Buff Enhancement window, bringing the cursor over the Buff Enhancement equipment will now display Set effects without comparing it to your current equipment.
You can now check your Switching equipment's Set options at a glance just by bringing the cursor over it.



Weapon Look Preview Function

  • You can now preview the appearances of Avatars and weapons linked to the Chat window directly through the window.
    - Click Avatar and weapon hyperlinks, and the preview images will appear on the left side of the item information.
    - Use the Details (F4) of weapon items, and the preview images will appear below the character class information.
  • You can now pause character animation during weapon previews.
    - Click the previewing character to pause the Auto-skip function.
    - Click it again to resume the animation.
    - This feature can be used in the following areas.
        ㄴ DFOpedia > Show Window
        ㄴ Item Shop > Preview
        ㄴ Auction Hall > Preview



  • You can now buy Demon Invitation Boxes with Carnelians 3 times a day per character, instead of once.






Party/Raid Group menu

  • The Look For Party/Raid Group menu will be improved.
    - You can now use operators to find parties more easily.
    - Note that this is an expansion of the existing spacing option. (And → Or)
Operator Function Example Description
Spaces Substitute the word "or." "Dawning Crevice DR" Parties whose name includes Dawning Crevice or DR
- Substitute the word except. "Dawning Crevice DR - Assault" Parties whose name includes "Dawning Crevice" or "DR" except for those including "Assault"
+ Substitute the word "and." "Dawning Crevice DR + Assault" Parties whose name includes "Dawning Crevice" or "DR" and "Assault"

※ Double quotes are only used here; they are not actually needed in game.



The Professional Material inventory

  • The Professional Material inventory can now also be sorted by grade.
    - Sorting by grade sorts items by type, and then rarity.
    - Sorting them again sorts them in the reverse order.
You can now neatly sort your Enchanting Cards by grade.



Character Effect Opacity

  • You can now save your My Character Effect Opacity settings per character.
    - Your current settings saved on your account will be retained. Change them again, and they'll be saved per character.
Now, you don't have to change your settings
every time you play a different character.




  • You can now blank out hotkeys.
    - In the Hotkey Settings menu, click the Recycle Bin next to a hotkey, and you can leave it blank without having to assign a key to it.
    - Select a hotkey, and the Recycle Bin will appear on the right side. Click the Bin to make the key blank.



* Audio Player Menu

  • The Select Audio Player menu will be added to the Settings > Sounds tab.
    - With this new menu, you can select the audio player you want to use for DFO. (Example: Speaker <-> Headset)
Previously, you had to restart the game to change your audio player in the middle of the game.
Now, you can do that in Settings without having to restart the game.



Auction Hall Convenience Improvements

Now, checking item options at the Auction Hall will be more convenient. Please check the following changes.

  • Top/Bottom Avatars will display their skill and Platinum Emblem options below their names. Titles will be shown for beads, and upgrade information will be shown for cards and beads.
  • As for Avatars, only their Skill Level-up options are displayed in the same color as their rarity color.
  • Avatars without skill options will not display anything.
  • As for Platinum Emblems, only the Legendary grade will be displayed.
  • Platinum Emblem options will be displayed in the Legendary color.
  • Title bead options will be displayed in light green. The existing Skill Level-up Title bead options will also be displayed in light green.
  • Cards and beads' upgrade statuses will be displayed in yellow. Cards and beads that can't be upgraded will be displayed in red.

You can now check item option details at a glance through the Auction Hall list.




  • Guild Teleportation can now also be used by individual guildsmen as well as guild parties.
  • The Auction Hall's average price calculation method will be improved.
    - Upgradeable monster cards and beads will now display their average price per upgrade level.
  • The Operation: Hope dungeon will now also be accessible from the normal channels.
  • The Repair Equipment menu will be added to NPC Linus.
  • The image to reset hotkeys in the Hotkey Settings will be updated.
  • The conditions for the Remove Dead Monsters with Additional Hits option will be updated.






Left-clicking another character will no longer make you follow the character.



Disassembly Shop Changes

  • Disassembly Shops can no longer be set up below Portable Repair Machines in all areas.




  • You can now write up to 40 letters to write reasons for blocking characters
    - The existing reasons will be retained, and they can be modified after this update.
  • Memos on blocked characters can now be seen at a glance.



Community Window

  • The Community window’s size (including Explorer Club Friend, Character Friend, Block, etc.) has been greatly increased.
  • The Community window’s title has been changed to ‘Community.’
  • Fix window feature has been added to the Community window.



Explorer Club Friend

  • Explorer Club Friend’s UI has been changed.
    - Explorer Club Friend’s memo can now be seen at a glance.
    - Last login time will now be displayed when offline.


  • Explorer Club Friend group feature has been added.
    - Up to 4 groups can be set and each group can be named and marked using group settings.
    - Group and memo can be set before accepting/adding a Explorer Club Friend.


Hotkey Settings

  • Character Friend, Block, Duel Friend category has been removed.
  • Explorer Club Friend has been renamed to Community.







  • Daily/Weekly entrance count deduction condition for each raid has been changed.
    - Before: Deducted upon completing phase 2 of raid
    - After: Deducted upon completing phase 2 or when you leave the raid while it is in progress (If you re-enter the raid within the 8-minutes time limit, your count will not be deducted.) 
  • If you have already used all daily/weekly entrance count, you will no longer be able to enter the raid.
  • Available Daily/Weekly entrance count can be checked on the raid channel selection window.



  • Entrance Box and Entrance Ticket’s expiry date has been changed.
    - Before: Deleted every day at 09:00 UTC
    - After: Deleted every Tuesday at 09:00 UTC


Entrance Ticket Box

  • Entrance Ticket Box’s Daily/Weekly use count restriction has been removed.
  • You can check whether your character can enter the raid through the Entrance Ticket Box.
  • In the following cases, your status will be "Not Available” and you will not be able to use the box.
    - Available Daily Entrance Count is 0
    - Available Weekly Entrance Count is 0


Entrance Ticket

  • Entrance Ticket’s trade type has been changed.
    - Before: Untradable. Max. Possession Limit:1
    - After: Account-bound. No Max. Possession Limit






  • Luke Raid (Hard Mode)’s now works in the same way as normal raids.
    - Luke Raid (Hard Mode)’s weekly entrance count limit will be removed.
    - You will now be given a chance to retry if you fail Luke Raid (Hard Mode).
    - Upon failing, you will receive a retry ticket to your mailbox.
    - The reward will remain the same as before. If you clear more than 6 times, you will receive the reward for 6th clear.
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