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Other Changes

Elite Member System Changes

  • Waiting mode will be added to the Elite Member commands.
  • In Waiting mode, Elite Member APCs stay where they are, without moving or attacking.
  • Now, Movement Speed buffs will only be applied to Elite Members during Follow mode, and canceled in other modes.
  • The Elite Member control key will be changed as follows.
    - Basic hotkey: PgUp → `
    - If you have been using a different hotkey, please note that it will be changed to ` after this update.
  • You can now even use the control key while casting skills.
  • When you enter the control key, the Direction Command UI will appear containing the following information.

  • ↑: Change to Attack mode.
  • →: Change to Follow mode.
  • ↓: Change to Waiting mode.
  • Reenter the control key to retain the current mode and disable the direction commands.
  • The Creator can now be used as an Elite Member.
  • You can now use the Use Skills settings in the Explorer Club (J) > Elite Members tab to enable or disable your Elite Member APCs' skills.

  • Right-click the registered Elite Member skill icons to turn them on or off.
  • This On/Off setting won't take effect unless you click the Save button.
  • Elite Members' Skill On/Off settings will be reset when they're replaced or removed.
  • Your Elite Member APCs will now reflect the original characters' Passive Skill Seal statuses.
    Ex) Berserker's Boiling Blood skill
  • The Fold menu will be added to the Elite Member Settings window in the Special Channel town.



Challenge Mode Difficulty Level Extension

  • Challenge Mode's difficulty levels will be extended.
  • Level 2 will be added.
  • This update isn't applied to the Pandemonium War Challenge dungeon.
  • The existing Challenge dungeons will be set to Level 1 by default.
  • Challenge Mode's rewards will be updated as follows.
  • Level 1 Rewards
    - Same as before
  • Level 2 Rewards
    - Item drop rates will be increased. The Boss monsters will have a chance of dropping finished Products of Wisdom.
    - The Premium Card and Gabriel's Secret Shop will have a chance of generating/selling finished Products of Wisdom.



Other Changes

  • Summoner: Contract: Hellflower Aukuso will be added to the Elite Member APC Skill list.
  • Mistress: In Elite Member mode, it will now use the Seven Deadly Sins buffs differently, depending on its Elemental Damage status.
  • Transcendent Stone will now more clearly display its incompatibility with Engraved/Inherited items in its tooltip.
  • Certain cinematic effects have been improved to look more natural during Abnormal Status and other effects on monsters.
  • The Arena: Explorer Clubs without Main characters will now display No Main Character in place of their tier ranks.
  • The Change to Tray Mode menu will now be disabled in 4:3 Full Screen mode.
  • Avatar: Their masking locations will now be displayed in their tooltip.

  • Fixed various bugs and text issues
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