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The Wilderness

Chantri, the city of the De Los Empire, is also known as The Wilderness. It's far away from the capital city and close to the Ashen Desert and Stru Mountains that make up the national borders.

This place has sand and rock and the remnants of a war fought between the Bantus and the Empire long ago,
and not a trace of a living soul.

But even such a bleak, lifeless vestige of a city is a welcome sight to those who have braced a long, perilous journey across the country borders, much like a little bit of rain after a long drought.



The Exile Mountains

The massive Stru Mountains capped with snow year-round are also known as the place of exile for the hero of the Pelos Empire, Kazan, who was sent there after being tortured and losing the tendons in his arms.

That is why they are also called the Exile Mountains. They stand tall and majestic, splitting the Empire from the north side of the Principality.

Because of their steep formation, even the Bantus, the natives of Mount Thunderime, don't stay here very long,
but rumor has it that people clad in black clothes are often seen moving in groups through these mountains.



Night of Chaos

The red moon rises, and the land is engulfed by dark flames.

When the massive pentacle is lit, its light will reveal nothing but destruction, despair, and chaos.

Bearers of the red hand, swing your weapon if you want to live.

The black sheep are too hungry to distinguish between friend and foe.



Fortress of Nemesis

The sanctum and temple of the Usir Order that worships the death goddess, Usir.

After Usir's faithful follower King Borodin was felled by the traitorous Vello, the Usir Order all but seemed to have disappeared beyond history.

However, it was revealed after Vello's reign that the followers of the Order didn't stop worshiping Death. They just decided to do it in secret in the depths of the Stru Mountains to avoid persecution. There, they built this temple of Usir to continue with their worship and keep themselves safe against outside threats.

Now, it's now called the Fortress of Nemesis, a home for those who have been wronged by the rest of the world,
guarded by a secret order of knights called the Dark Templar.


Extinction's Haven

One of the duties of the Usir Order is to protect Extinction's Haven in the depths of the Fortress of Nemesis, along with Kazan's body stored in there.

But now that its location was discovered by the Cult of Darkness, the Fortress of Nemesis is at the mercy of the enemy. Eventually, it collapses under the relentless onslaught of the Cult's powerful legion of Imposters, and relinquishes the Coffin of Extinction over to Pureblood Devastar.

Now, the master of Imposters who caused the Black Crusade is about to return.


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