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A Letter for Lemidia Capella


Your Excellency,


Thank you for sending us your reply through the Chief Inquisitor.
It seems that much more is going on than we first thought.
The story that the Chief Inquisitor told us, along with your message,
has helped us understand the seriousness of the situation.

Your Excellency, as you know,
Chantri is a shameful part of the Empire's history as well as a painful memory for us in the Priest Order.
The Empire may want to hide it,
but the sea of blood that once swallowed the Stru Mountains still has its marks left on the land.
We can't even fathom what those people are trying to do in that dead land where not even weeds can grow.

What matters, however, is that they're on the move and using Chantri as their base.
As Lemidios's Cape, Capella will not overlook this situation.
We still have some things that we'd like to address with Lemidia Basilica
in regard to the decisions it made during the Apostle Crusade, but that can wait.

I hereby accept Lemidia Basilica's support request on behalf of Lemidia Capella.
Capella's faithful members and hardworking Inquisitors
will follow the Chief Inquisitor to help you carry out His justice.
I hope hope their axes and flames will not be used to repeat that past tragedy.


P.S. I've also sent word to Lemidia Chrysos, but I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you.
Since it guards the capital city of the Empire, I doubt it'd even contact us until things become more apparent.

- Antonio Marcel, Lemidios's faithful Cape and Lemidia Capella Bishop

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