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  • The Exile Mountains content will be added.
  • This 4-person party content consists of various dungeons located in the Stru Mountains.
  • It offers a variety of Talismans, Runes, and monster cards as rewards.
    (For more information, please refer to the Reward section.)
  • You can enter The Exile Mountains through Chantri in the De Los Empire's Second Province.
  • The Exile Mountains Scenario quests will be added.
  • You can perform them at Level 100 after the Back to Where We Belong quest.
  • Complete the Act quest, What We're Missing, to enter The Exile Mountains channel.
  • You can enter The Exile Mountains channel through NPC Teida Beonarr in the Normal Chantri area or the Dungeon Lobby.



  • A new area, the 2nd Province of the De Los Empire, will be added.
  • A new village, Chantri, will be added.
  • You can enter Chantri through Chest Town and Storm Pass.
  • A new NPC, Lucille Redmayne, will be added to Chantri.



Entry Rules

  • Must be Level 100 or above.
  • You can enter this content once a day, up to 3 times a week.
  • You can receive Weekly rewards twice.
  • Your Daily Entry count is reset daily at 09:00 UTC
  • Your Weekly Entry count is reset on Tuesday at 09:00 UTC


How to Enter

  • The Exile Mountains channel will be added to the Select Channel > Special Area tab.
  • You can create a party through NPC Teida Beonarr in The Exile Mountains channel.
  • After creating a party, you can enter an area on the left side and initiate The Exile Mountains missions through NPC Oberith Rosenbach.
  • Parties of 1 – 4 players can enter.
  • 4-person parties are recommended.
  • At least 5,938 Exorcism is recommended.


Entry Cost

  • No Entry materials are required.
  • 30 Fatigue is consumed upon entering.
  • At least 30 Fatigue is required to enter.


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