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Basic Rules

  • A 60-minute limit is applied upon starting the content.
  • Your mission will fail if you exceed the time limit, and your Used Entry count will be reset.
  • You can retry it as many times as you want within the time limit, so long as you stay in the same party.
  • You will lose Entry count if you leave your current party before failing a mission.



Dungeon Restrictions

  • Up to 4 Life Tokens per party are allowed in each dungeon.
  • A 10-minute time limit is applied to each dungeon.
  • Certain Consumables are restricted from use in this content.
  • Consumable Puppets can't be used.
  • Sacred Blessings, Heavenly HP Potions, Divine Revival Formulas, and Immortality Formulas can't be used.




The Blessing of Light and Radiant Shape buffs are applied.

Blessing of Light

  • A buff provided in The Exile Mountains area.


Radiant Shape

  • An additional buff provided to the classes whose Neo: Awakening characters are not yet implemented.
    - Normal Classes: Damage Increase Rate (%) +15
    - Buffer Classes: Lv. 50 Active skill STR/INT increase rate +15%
    - You can check the active statuses of these buffs in the Blessing of Light tooltip.



How to Play

Start a mission and use the left entrance to enter the Stru Mountains.

  • This dungeon consists of 1 Ward and 2 Territory subdungeons.
    Clearing the Ward dungeon unlocks the Fortress and Seal Site dungeons.
  • 2 Territory dungeons enable Lemidia Basilica's help.
  • Clear dungeons with the green crucifix on them to get the Light Benediction (Continuous Damage Intensification) effect during the content.
  • Clear dungeons with the blue crucifix on them to get the Light Judgment (Short-term Damage Intensification) effect for certain parts of the content.This effect can be activated by party leaders.
  • Light Judgment can be used twice inside The Exile Mountains dungeon.
  • Light Judgment, when activated, temporarily increases your entire party's damage with help from NPC Oberith Rosenbach.
  • After entering a dungeon, party leaders can use the Retreat button in the Time Limit UI to retreat from the dungeon.
  • After initiating a mission, you can abandon it through NPC Oberith Rosenbach.
  • If you abandon a mission, then it will be abandoned for your entire party and all your party members will receive another chance at it.
  • After retreating, you can reenter the Stru Mountains through the left entrance.


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