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Existing Content and Quest Changes

Existing Quest Changes

Empyrean Chronicle Renewed

  • The Empyrean Chronicle quests will be renewed.
  • If you already completed these quests, then you can select Empyrean War Chronicle Retrial to experience the updated story.
  • These Retrial quests are unlocked upon completing the Back to Arad quest. Talk to NPC Emperor Erje in the Ghent Palace to enter the Episode town and perform the quests.


Prey-Isys Act Quests Added

  • New Prey-Isys Act quests will be added to the Nighttime Skyscraper story.
  • You can perform them after the Act quest, Sins.



Other Changes

  • If you already completed these Stories, then the Prey-Isys, Empyrean Chronicle, and The Night of Revelation Act quests will be auto-completed.
  • The Sirocco Raid Act quests' cutscenes and dialogue will be partially updated.
  • If characters at Level 100 or above reach a new Level and return to town, available Act quests will now be auto-activated.
  • The Act quests will now be immediately added to the Quest > Replay menu when completed.
  • During the Empyrean Chronicle - A Trap quest, characters will no longer randomly get stuck at the Pass Gate in the fourth map.
  • The Dimensional Storm - Alone and Isolated quest's cutscenes will be partially improved.
  • The Prey-Isys - A Clash quest will now feature the dedicated Male Mage cutscene.



Existing Content Changes


  • The following dungeons will be deleted: Altar of Ascension, Altar of Infinity, Mt. Kulun, Imperial Arena, Disaster Sector, Pandemonium Meeting, Night of Revelation, Prey-Isys Normal and Dark Dimension.



  • The following special channels will be deleted: Imperial Arena, Pandemonium Meeting, Dark Dimension, and Night of Revelation.



  • The Dark Dimension Shop will be merged with NPC Great General Woon Lyonir Shop in the Elrox - Stormy Route area in the Normal channel.
  • The Pandemonium Meeting Shop will be merged with NPC Nihilistic Ron Shop in Harlem in the Normal channel.
  • The Imperial Arena Shop will be merged with NPC Beatrice Shop in Elvenguard in the Normal channel.



  • The Night of Revelation Episode quests including [The Night of Revelation] The Endless Night will be changed to Act quests.
Old Grade New Grade Quest Name
Episode Act The Endless Night
Call of the Blood
The One Whom the God Wants
The One Who Wants the God
The Ritual of the Pure Blood
Unliftable Curse


  • The Dark Dimension Episode quests including [Dark Dimension] A Wind from Far Away will be deleted.
Quest Grade Quest Name
Episode [Dark Dimension] A Wind from Far Away
[Dark Dimension] The Ship against the Storm
[Dark Dimension] Alarming Spread
[Dark Dimension] Unforgettable Scar
[Dark Dimension] A Meeting
[Dark Dimension] Growing Anxiety
[Dark Dimension] Remaining Threat


  • The Mt. Kulun Side Story quests including Path to the Sanctum will be deleted.
Quest Grade Quest Name
Side Story To Mt. Kulun
Path to the Sanctum
Sage Jiu Long
Value of Nen Ore
Eliminate Golem Traitor
Ice Stone's Owner
Capture the Sanctum
Powerful Enemy, Lava Soul


  • The Mr. Kulun Limited quests including Nen Trainee in Danger will be deleted.
Quest Grade Quest Name
Limited Nen Trainee in Danger
Preparations to Advance 3
Mind Training 1
Mind Training 2
Safe Return
Preparations to Advance 1
Preparations to Advance 2


  • The Altar of Ascension Side Story quests including Altar of Ascension will be deleted.
Quest Grade Quest Name
Side Story Altar of Ascension
Searching the Altar
Test of Potential
The Ultimate Test
Goblin Underminer
The 6th Round
Luminous Anodron


  • The Altar of Infinity Side Story quests including Valley of the Fallen Souls will be deleted.
Quest Grade Quest Name
Side Story Valley of the Fallen Souls
Prophet Simona
An Ominous Building
Creatures from Hell
Demon Army
Reaper Agares
What's Chaos Want?


  • The Side Story quest, Invitation to the Imperial Arena, will be deleted.
  • The Side Story quest, [Disaster Sector] Della's Ominous Reading, will be deleted.



Additional Updates

  • Some Explorer Club Challenge achievements can no longer be completed.
  • The Achievement lists that you already completed will be kept separately.
Related Content Disabled Achievement List
Pandemonium Meeting <Meeting Minutes>
Dark Dimension <Professional Rift Mender>



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